Thursday, April 10, 2008

land of men

went to an event that had nothing but glenlivet. i'm a little girl who doesn't drink much hard alcohol but i can handle some scotch on the rocks once in a while.

but then the 21yr old stuff started rolling out and they'd only give it to you with a dropper-full of water. so ick.

also, i hadn't eaten enough during the day and the canapes were proving to be elusive. we saw remnants scattered about. napkins here, shrimp forks there...but no cater waiters to be found. except for this one who was working as a model in a kind of ridiculous golf-type outfit. an outfit in which he was photographed for esquire magazine so look for him. he'll be with some socialite and a guy in a kilt (the glenlivet rep, a scottish dude who toasted and drank with like 100 people in the course of 2 he walked out of there alive is a mystery).

there was also a 9-hole mini golf course that spanned the two level factory space. and there were men. in fact, i feel like i was one of 5 women there which seemed like it would have been convenient but, in fact, it was just plain overwhelming. there were too many that i didn't know where to begin. i was being stalked a bit by the cater waiter (thomas) so i stuck with my gays, justin and david who was running the event. thomas said, "well, my boss is right over there (pointing to david) so i can't stay to talk now." that was my cue to not leave david's side for the night.

famished, we finished off with ribs at houston's. a very testosterone-filled evening...

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