Monday, April 14, 2008

a "me weekend"

the weekend started off tamely enough, a kirov ballet performance with al, home by 11.

saturday was a "me day," a day doing nothing but things for myself. i splurged for a wax at bliss where all the people are nice and handing you waters and giving you samples and my waxer, emmie, told me i had "great roots" and that i was "such a good girl!" as i lay on the heated table, legs spread eagle as she ripped off the hair laden strips of fabric. in short, it was painful but not nearly as much as it could have been and i was being fully pampered.

and because i had to go to the east side for my wax, i was right near the blood center. the blood people have been stalking me for a few weeks now so i figured i'd stop in to donate. this doesn't seem like it was all about "me" but it was. i donate now just to get these people off my back, also it's good karma. there's nothing like donating blood to make you feel a little bit better about yourself. and because i was in the citgroup building i stopped in for my favoritest thing ever, the grilled artichokes from houston's. AMAZING.

from there, i went and got my toes done and it was warm enough for me wear flip flops so i didn't have to camp out at the nail place waiting for them to dry. i hopped over to the nearest post office, mailed off a card to R&R in paris and went down to sam's where a big ole housewarming was taking place. he'd moved into a new building in tribeca and, in fact, it's not even done being built. but his place is pretty ridiculous and he has a huge terrace. the guy who is building his bed and made him a gorgeous table was a designer out of brooklyn who looked like ryan gosling!

i met up with katie and julie and they'd met these australian guys and i wish i could give the details but i feel i must protect the innocent/my girlfriends who'd slaughter me if i posted all about the juicy indiscretions. but they were good. and so was i, unfortunately. i was exhausted (also, discovering how easy it is to get drunk after you've given blood) and went home early at 3.

sunday was a brunch with all you can drink bellinis, cupcakes from billy's and a viewing of smart people (which i actually really liked, even though SJP was in it).

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