Wednesday, April 02, 2008

on marcus samuelsson

i saw marcus do a cooking demo recently and have such a little crush on him now.

a staffer at the venue said, "marcus, someone over here has a question for you." and she handed a mic over to this little old man.

"so i see you have some ovens and things over there," he starts, rather innocently. "so why are you serving this food cold? i like my hot food, hot."

this curmudgeon shows up, gets free food, and then has the gall to complain about it to the face of a world-class chef? seriously?! and sweet marcus couldn't have been more graceful.

"well sir, i mentioned before that tarts could be served either warm or at room temperature, but if you want a hot piece, we'll heat one up for you okay?"

"no, i don't want it anymore!"

laughing, he says "wait! you call me out and say you don't like my tart and then i try to hook you up and now you're going to leave before it's ready?"

the staffer was able to urge the old man to a chair and marcus made sure that old man got some tart.

a totally adorable exchange. nice to see such a talented chef turn out to be a nice guy on top of it...

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Blogger cadiz12 said...

awww, i remember editing a story on marcus samuelsson when he was just an up-and-comer in Minneapolis back in the nineties. glad to see such a nice guy has made it to the big show.

4/02/2008 12:10 PM  

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