Monday, March 31, 2008

play ball!

woohoo for baseball season starting up again!

i have a lot of chicago friends going to the cubs game today at which, it sounds like, they will get very very wet.

we had an intimate little gathering for justin's birthday: baked brie, gorgonzola mac and cheese, cheddar biscuits, meatloaf, candied carrots, banana cake for dessert. it was an evening of warmth, laughter and indulgence.

i'm paying my roommate cassandra to let me keep a clothes rack in her room. i just don't have enough space for all my stuff and she has this massive room that houses a twin bed, a bookshelf and like half a dresser full of clothes. so i asked if i couldn't 10 sq/ft in the corner and she generously accepted. so i've started to hang all the stuff that was still trapped in bags from the bedbug events last summer and you know what? i have amazing clothes. i pulled out so much stuff that i forgot i had, stuff i've never worn and kept thinking, "oh my god! i love this! i own this? i don't even know where this came from!"

that is a sure sign i should stop shopping. indefinitely.

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Blogger Peter said...

She is making you pay??

3/31/2008 3:00 PM  

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