Monday, October 08, 2007

weekend tidbits: new yorker festival weekend

the new yorker festival was this weekend. i went to the david remnick interview with sy hersh and the denby interview judd apatow and seth rogen. i'll do full posts on those in the coming days when i can get my notes together. both were excellent.

i went to the lucinda williams concert at town hall on thursday. i'm not all that familiar with her work but my good friend from law school (and my mentor in all things political) flew in from houston for the concert and asked me with. that woman is hip as hell. she told dozens of stories in a way that was honest, a bit self-depreciating and rebellious all at the same time. updating to make a comment on cousin's comment below: she started several songs several times over because there was something minute about it that she didn't like. "i'm sorry guys but they're taping this! i don't want to have to look at it later and be annoyed that my voice cracked in the wrong place!" and she'd say it in a kind "feel bad for me that i have OCD" kind of way and it was always funny and charming. also, at one point she was tuning and started singing and realized she was in the wrong key. tuned some more. started again. "no, that's not right either." then she stood hopelessly in the middle of the stage and in desperation she childishly whined, "somebody help me!" and she hopped up and down a bit. and on ran a stagehand, pulling off her capo and writing on her music stand a big "D" to let he know what key she was supposed to be in. it was so cute. she is just so cute.

alex balk has left gawker. i fell into my gawker addiction right about the time he started over there. i fell into my internet crush of him not long thereafter. he reveals a lot about himself in his posts and i, rightly or not, feel like i know the guy. and i adore him. i'm also not afraid to admit i teared up at his "farewell post" and felt a bit mopey for a couple hours after i left work. it's strange, that feeling you've lost a friend you never had to begin with. regardless, i wish him the best of luck over at radar. i suppose i'll have to add the rss into my feed reader now...

SWAG. there will be an entire post devoted to the free things i got this weekend. it was christmas in october!

saturday night was a bbq at em's. i'm getting tired of the hedge funders. sunday was brunch with my beloved gorgonzola fondue at extra virgin.

the yankees continue to hang by a thread. but at least, AT LEAST mariano pulled himself together last night. i was starting to lose my faith in the man.

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Blogger Cousin said...

As a literati wannabe, I'm envious of those who can easily attend the New Yorker festival (though the Wisconsin Book Festival in Madison has its moments -- for some reason Chicago's isn't quite as good).

If you want to read a great piece of music writing, go to the NYTimes archives (now free!) and get the sunday magazine cover story on Lucinda Williams' perfectionism while making "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" (which is a great album in and of itself).

10/08/2007 10:50 AM  
Blogger omar said...

The only name in this post that I recognized was "mariano." I feel so uncool.

10/08/2007 12:57 PM  
Blogger Syar said...

I only recognized Seth Rogen. Wait, he's the guy that wrote Superbad right?

I feel that I am wrong. Let me know.

Lucinda Williams sounds cool and adorably (funny how you can say adorably cool but not cooly adorable).

Glad you got your fondue.

10/08/2007 11:33 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Yeah that's the guy! He was also in Knocked Up, he seems really funny. And Lucinda Williams sounds lovely! Gotta check her music out now!

10/09/2007 7:38 AM  
Blogger Becky said...

the Yankees are dead, long live the Yankees.

10/09/2007 7:40 AM  

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