Tuesday, September 25, 2007

obama rama

i saw barack last night a his broadway event. for as much as i love ebersole and the readings by marcia gay harden and phylicia rashad, obama's speech was the highlight of the evening.

every time i see him, i like him more. the only parts of his speeches that seemed contrived are the jokes about his wife putting him in his place, whether or not they're true.

fire it up! ready to go!

also, re: rudy getting phone calls during his speeches, i'm fully convinced he's pulling those "call me to save me in case i'm having a bad date" calls. you know, the ones you set up with your girlfriend so that if the date is going down in flames, you can have this "emergency" that you have to run out and take care of. rudy is talking to the people at the NRA, he's assuming there's a chance it'll go poorly. judy calls him so that he'll have an out if he needs one. "hello judy! what?! oh my god! i'll be there right away!" and with that, he can shuffle off the stage and head away from the gun lovers.

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Blogger Cousin said...

A couple of people at my seminar saw Barack yesterday going into the Waldorf Astoria. I dunno, every time I start warming up to him (for president -- I voted for him twice for senator) I remember he helped elect Todd Stroger (and tried to re-elect Dorothy Tillman) and I shudder.

A friend insisted I go to Eatery NYC (I think that's the name -- 9th and 53rd or somesuch). It was tasty, but the portions were small. I FINALLY get out of midtown tomorrow.

9/26/2007 1:02 AM  

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