Wednesday, July 18, 2007

phoning it in on harry potter

i was going to post about my feelings re: the last rowling book but am just posting a convo i had with peter about it yesterday instead. i am one lazy bitch, i know. but it's rainy and dark and dreary and i'm sleepy. does whining excuse the laziness at all?

me: life is good
jon stewart is back from vacay
Peter: i bet he missed you
it's not fair that your celeb crush is on tv almost every day, but mine is no longer even
on weekly.
me: is gilmore girls not on dvd?
Peter: true, true.
me: better than nothing darling
Peter: would you believe that i don't own a single season?
me: that is NOT devotion
Peter: hmm... i don't like you when you are right
me: it rarely happens
worry not
Peter: hee hee
i don't believe that for a minute
me: i'm practicing being modest
Peter: whatever for?
me: just to try something new
Peter: how is it working so far?
me: eh
getting bored with it already
Peter: get back to celebrating your awesomenicity
me: and for what it's worth
the only spoiler i've yet so far to deny myself
are the harry potter ones
i really really don't want to know
Peter: book or movie?
me: book!
Peter: i was just telling my cousin that i saw the first movie, and fell asleep during the second.
and i've never read a single page of any of the books
me: the books are really really very good
if you can make it through the first 100 pages of the first one
which move a little slowly
there's no turning back
and they get better and better
because rowling develops more as a writer really
Peter: an ex left her copy of the first book with me,so i may have to check it out
me: you should start
you'd love them.
this is going to sound awfully cheesy
but they're magical.
Peter: ok, that was cute
me: you really feel you're in a different world when you read them
i actually get depressed when i finish
that i have to come back
and that it's not real
Peter: awwwww.
me: v. strange behaviour for me.
Peter: i want to adopt you a little right now
me: HA
it's so true.
you must read.
they're awesome.
Peter: i have an addictive personality. this could be trouble
me: i'm jealous that you have them all to read still
like, i'll buy this one sat but i won't want to read it
because then it's all over.
do not want.
Peter: yet you can't wait, for fear of finding out too much from outside sources?
me: can't wait just because i'm dying to see how it ends
even though, obv, big characters will die
but i've lived through what i thought would be the worst one it left me sobbing
literally, out loud, making a fool of myself sobbing
at a starbucks on a saturday afternoon.
Peter: sometimes you are just a little jazz in a big world
me: it couldn't be much worse this time around.
that is so true.

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Blogger Jon said...

when I heard the rumors the other day that the book has been leaked, I had a mini panic attack. If I hear anything about this book before I finish it, the blood will flow mightily.

I'm in the same boat though, can't wait to start, absolutely dreading the finish... Seriously though, how often is the release of a book so highly anticipated as it is with HP? This doesn't happen ever.

I'll probably be done with it by Sunday night. I'm positive I won't be able to put it down... That last chapter is really going to hurt...

7/18/2007 2:11 PM  
Blogger Peter DeWolf said...

I can't believe that I typed "hee hee."

7/18/2007 3:07 PM  
Blogger Alexandra said...

so you're saying it's not too late to get into the whole harry potter craze?? i've seen only the first movie... and read non of the books....

7/19/2007 4:22 AM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

i'm going to lock myself into a vortex until i'm finished, because you know some bastard is going to off-the-cuff say somethign like oh, i was sad when so-and-so died.

i'm totally with jas; if you get past the first 100 pages, you're in it to win it.

7/19/2007 10:38 AM  

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