Wednesday, July 11, 2007


if you are in new york you MUST MUST go see this.

most of you may not be familiar with the 1980 olivia newton-john movie about muses on roller skates.

it is one of those movies that is sooooo bad it's almost good. like showgirls, or barbarella.

i have to admit i haven't seen it yet. BUT i have friends who have and they are obsessed. also, the review in the times was titled " heaven on wheels, and in leg warmers." and a girl who i went to college with is the lead. and curtis holbrook is in it and he's going to be my husband if i can make him straight. basically, i'm willing to put down money on the fact it would be impossible to not enjoy this show.

i went to the opening night party last night and had the best time. flower bouquets were shaped like roller skates and had wheels and everything. the music was amazing and even the old people were up and dancing their bootys off. i don't remember much as i always get carried away when you put an open bar in front of me. i do know that i restrained myself from attacking curtis and that cheyenne jackson looks amazing these days.

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