Friday, June 08, 2007

a food review: landmarc at the time warner center

landmarc. first, regardless of whether the food was any good i will be going back. there are several reasons for this.

1.) this place is a full of good looking men who, contrary to so many artsy men i've been meeting lately, actually have jobs and earn an income. praise the lord!

2.) just as we were seated the silver fox (the HOT HOT HOT anderson cooper) was whisked right by us to a table near the rear of the restaurant. this is the perfect place in which to stalk him, even though he's gay and i can never have him, i'm still going to try to rape him in a bathroom someday. oh, yes, he will be mine! but i digress....

3.) the wine is cheap. like, pretty much selling it for wholesale, cheap.

4.) the room is gorgeous and the views over columbus circle are stunning.

on to the food!

we started with the moules frites in the tomato pesto sauce. these mussels were gigantic which made me afraid they'd be undercooked (just because of how meaty they were) but came out just fine. the french fries (made fresh) were excellent and served with both ketchup AND mayo. again, let's praise the lord that i didn't have to ask for mayo like i have to do EVERYWHERE else in this city.

i had the filet mignon. i'd asked for it medium rare and it definitely came more on the medium side. also, our idiot server (who didn't know a thing about the menu) didn't get the sauces right and justin's steak came out medium well so he sent his back. al had the monkfish, which was out of this world. i would have sent my steak back but it wasn't so overcooked the i couldn't enjoy it and also, i was starving.

the highlight of the evening, besides being in the presence of the silver fox, was the bearnaise. it was, hands down, the best bearnaise i've ever had. and folks, i've tried a lot of bearnaise sauces in my time. i will have dreams about this bearnaise. i will probably have dreams about licking the bearnaise off of anderson cooper. and that would be an amazing dream. not better than this one, but still pretty good.

all the desserts are mini. a teeny chocolate mousse. a bitty creme brulee. a wee tiramisu. there were six so we tried all of them. and we also had three mini ice cream cones. and no, we didn't finish it all but the nutella eclair was my favorite. it made me wish i wasn't sharing with two other people. or that the desserts had come while they were both in the bathroom so i could have eaten it alone before they came back so they wouldn't have missed it.

we had 1.5 bottles of wine and the bill was just shy of $200. and, like i said, i will be going back. soon.

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Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

Under 200 for three people? That's not bad at all.

6/08/2007 11:35 AM  

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