Sunday, January 31, 2010

hungover. srsly.

this is hilarious. more hilarious: azi is a friend of mine and i was, apparently, the first person to send him the link...
me: 2010/01/when-typos-suddenly-make-you-a-racist-twitter-edition
 Azi:  FUCK
 me:  sorry
it's funny!
it's okay!
 me:  it has a "sorry azi" tag
 Azi:  love it

the boys and their gay ski week reports.
CHANGE IT UP, FEAR NOTHING, RESPECT THE UNEXPECTED, HARM NOBODY. totally brilliant/interesting/funny post by amanda palmer. fiancee to one of my most favorite people in the world i've never met, neil gaiman.
more love...this domino's review that i somehow missed first time around. i am totally girl crushing on mary hk choi. and can i say, really, how much i enjoy and how much you guys should be reading it? and i don't say that because i enjoy editors balk and choire as people (which i do) but they just have incredibly good taste in other people's writing. their contributors are bananas and great and i can't get enough...

the obama Q&A with the GOPers was amazing. to have him sit there, one dude, and successfully bat down every suggestion they had, to acknowledge that he 1.) knows that they're saying and 2.) understands all the issues and 3.) why his ideas are the better was remarkable. i mean, this is what democracy is supposed to feel like. GOPers are just so consistently wrong on the issues and they knew it. they also knew how bad it looked because party sources were talking about what a bad idea it ended up being televising that shit so that everyone could see that he knew better than a room full of 140? people what the fuck was going on. it was commanding. totally ridiculous. we elected a fucking genius.
and holy crap! jessica coen, back in the gawker fold as exec editor of jezebel?! happy nick denton is trying to hold onto/get back some of the talented people who've jumped ship/been fired over the years....

oh my god, you guys. the day started with justin sending around this in preparation for brunch. we went to berimbau. there was one girl to make all the drinks, take orders, run food. basically everything took ages AND the place was advertised as having a free drink with brunch but then we get there and they're like, "oh, not anymore, sorry!" i order a veggie omelet (tomato, mushroom, asparagus, pepper onion and goat cheese). BUT this fucking omelet comes and it's dry as shit and has only tiny cubes of carrots and green beans in it. like the frozen kind from a bag. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! never ever go to this place. it's terrible. but we were drinking caipirinhas and they were strong, we had two each. we then thought it was a great idea to go across the street to cabrito for jalapeno margaritas (again, two each). oh god. THEN we went to kettle of fish and i think had beer? and then went to fat cat and a few PBRs each and stole some pool table from a birthday party that had reserved it. and then went to some other place that i never even got the name of but our friend knew the manager who bought us vodka sodas and then i knew the bartender who bought us more beers. WASTED and at like only 11pm we head to the local hell's kitchen diner and then to rudy's for another beer. suffice it to say today has been rough. really really fucking rough. colin ended up at kenny's castaways and the barenaked ladies were there and gave a surprise acapella performance! GAH! i missed it. 

looking at my phone this morning i found 20 or so text messages from people that i responded to but don't even remember reading. invites to super bowl parties. justin's name in my phone was now "hora hora from bora bora" which i vaguely remember colin being responsible for at some point. questions about my increasingly crazy status updates (many with egregious spelling errors), texts from the bartender telling me how i left without saying goodbye, maybe some pictures of my boobs sent to the cuban drummer boy who says they've got gigs in nyc next month and can he just bring my blazer back to me instead of mailing it? ugh. also, that he wants me to come to cuba with him next time. right. my friends keep joking that he'll wear it onstage at the grammys. something that would be hysterical but he's not going to the grammys so isn't a possibility, however funny. 

i saw st vincent at the allen room at lincoln center for their american songbook series and HOLY HELL was it good. bryce dessner from the national was there, so was justin vernon (aka bon iver), and david byrne. i've definitely seen david byrne in concert at least a dozen times now. he's always someone's special guest. this guy knows EVERYONE and apparently never turns down and invitation to play anywhere with anyone. i swear to god. he's everywhere. i'm hard-pressed right now to think of a concert that he hasn't special guested on. when jesse and i went to see lucinda williams, he was there and afterwards, out in front of town hall, there he is. white spiky hair, unlocking his bike from a lamppost outside the venue so he can ride it back down to the east village. he's so awesome. jesse had me take a photo of them together and he texted to remind me about it. anyway, the concert was amazing. YES YES YES. LOVE. 
i feel like death. taco night with alex while watching the grammys tonight. 

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Blogger Cousin said...

I'm going to a librarian super bowl party -- why does that sound so oxymoronic?

I dunno, I think Sullivan has so lost it over Obama that he's hardly coherent anymore. Compare his "test" for Obama's SOTU address to the speech itself and ask how a rational person could possibly say he met it? Compare his laudable coverage and comments on Iran and human rights abuses there to his realpolitik contempt for anyone who argues the same thing about Africa. And could you imagine Sullivan passionately defending a President Sarah Palin had she made an unprecedented SOTU attack on the Supreme Court, with demonstratably wrong facts, and Justice Ginsberg shook her head and muttered something? The sad thing is if Mickey Kaus had a following among Dems like Andrew Sullivan, health care reform would be a reality already.

2/06/2010 9:51 AM  

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