Wednesday, January 27, 2010


so i'm on the community board in my neighborhood. i thought it would be interesting but the meetings end up being, hands down, the most annoying things i do all month. people talk over each other just to listen to the sound of their own voices. they say dumb things, ask dumb questions. members of the community can reserve time to speak so you have total crazies showing up because they have an audience for 3 whole minutes to rant. there are a few people who roll their eyes at the same times i do. a young rabbi with whom i can exchange "this dude is a moron!" glances. and these meetings are looooooong. i spend the entire meeting checking my watch.
i get a comment on the blog yesterday: "You spoke up only once or twice at the meeting. I'll admit I couldn't keep my eyes off you and I felt you knew it. You use your weapon very well. See you next month."
how fucking CREEPY is that? i have no idea who the F this is but it's another reason why i shouldn't allow annonymous commenters. there isn't a single person on the board i'd touch with a 10 foot pole and the only reasonably good-looking people there are usually reporters or photographers from the manhattan times. so anyway, GREAT! now another reason to hate these meetings...
i would mention the "american songbook" concert i'm going to this weekend but because of 'ole creeper up there, i might just wait until after the concert to post about it.
also creepy? i got a message from fedex that i'd missed a package delivery. a package that i'm not expecting to an address that i never get things shipped to. being sent by a woman named phyllis. i called fedex to tell them i wasn't expecting anything but they insist that the package is for me. i'm having it re-routed and am hoping it's not anthrax or something. meh.
SOTU at my favorite bartender's favorite bar tonight.

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I like rusty spoons.

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