Monday, January 25, 2010

trufflepalooza, latin lovers, conan, linkdump

went to trufflepalooza (redux) at locanda verde. black truffles this time! Somehow didn't feel as decadent but white truffles are more savory, even if black truffles are more flavorful. I don't even know if that makes sense and being able to compare the taste of white and black truffles seems like such an elitist "white whine"y thing to do anyhow. Like, I feel I should stop at the country club to play tennis afterwards, and then have my butler my laundry while I talk stock options with my financial plannner. 
have been getting crazy, kind of hilarious, nonsensical e-mails from my cuban. i have no idea what's going on but it's cracking me up. life is funny. my life is, anyhow. i'm missing my black blazer, one of the only things i'd consider a sine qua non as far as my wardrobe goes. i wear it at least once a week. it is perfect over every dress. he has confirmed he has it but hasn't indicated that he has plans to send it back. we're at a standstill. i need to work on my spanish, i think, if i want to tell him how to get it back to me. his e-mail went exactly like this: "i haveeeeeeeeee yourrrr jackect sorry i take is the only think that i have from you ja ja thanks for put the music i love youuuuuuu i have a tv you now in the morning you jacket smells soo good im leaving nowwwwwww kises for you princess te quierooooo jasmineeeeeeee muaaaaaaaaaaaa"
i mean, that's amazing. there are no words. i'm obsessed. his emails make no sense! 
my love for conan is well documented. we threw a freaking party on the debut night of his show. we loved him before we even knew him, that's how obviously great he is. so this NBC stuff is, well, distressing. jimmy kimmel has been rocking. and he even did a whole show in a really decent leno impersonation. i'd say i would take an NBC boycott but i don't even really watch tv these days so i guess i've been on an unintended boycott for a few years now...
this is so delayed. this was posted in november. of 2009! like LAST YEAR y'all! but i'm just getting around to some old starred items in the ole' reader and you MUST read this. i laughed out loud, a lot, for the fact that this is a 1 paragraph post about how to fucking cook a steak.
andrew titled this: if you can't get ezra klein. which reminds me that ezra did very well on the colbert report the other night. (i actually found that by googling "ezra" and "werewolf". awesome.)
was at brunch with erika, talking about vancouver, when these people at the table next to us blurted, "we spend lots of time there! we were eavesdropping! sorry! but go to all these restaurants..." so i took out my pen and started furiously taking notes. how helpful! what a small new york moment that was! too bad erika and i had spent basically the whole meal making fun of them for talking loudly in affected accents about their squash games and having brought in their own wine claiming it was "a special bottle" when really it was average and they'd just picked it up around the corner. and how she was wearing a giant hermes scarf. anyhow: now i've got some recs. so that's good!
am VERY unhappy with the echofon app (formerly twitterfon) update. not only does it prompt to use location services EVERY single fucking time i open it up, but it crashes immediately regardless of whether you tell it yes or no. it's miserable and useless and so i'm trying to figure out twitterific. but i don't like change. and it's dark and i don't know what all the icons are for because they're hardly self-explanitory. a star lets you retweet? a funnel lets you see your message? WHAT? i don't know.
also, apologies if you've sent an e-mail that has been unresponded to by me. i've been a bit scattered and all over the place lately and haven't had much time to do, i dunno, little things. post here, get to the drug store, drop of drycleaning, etc. i hope to get things straightened up soon...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You spoke up only once or twice at the meeting. I'll admit I couldn't keep my eyes off you and I felt you knew it. You use your weapon very well. See you next month.

1/27/2010 12:22 AM  
Blogger Stormin said...


"How To Cook A Fucking Steak" has been emailed to everyone. That is far to funny.

1/27/2010 8:25 AM  
Blogger Stormin said...

PS: Bravo on the creepers Anonymous comment. That's either hilarious, or it makes me throw up in my mouth a bit.

And Twitteriffic isn't to bad. At least the damn thing is consistent. My new obsession is Dragon Dictation. Killer App for texting while driving.

1/27/2010 8:28 AM  

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