Sunday, January 24, 2010

sexytime with tiempo libre

"if he's a musician, as long as he's 18, it's okay to hook up with him," so said my friend stephenie when the band came out at SOB's, in response to my saying "that guy is so hot. OMG, he's walking onto the stage...he's the drummer! he looks like he's 12!"

i hadn't known who was performing but, apparently, they were grammy nominated, called tiempo libre, and were quite good (featured on dancing with the stars) and had JUST BEEN ON THE LIVE AND LINCOLN CENTER PBS PERFORMANCE WITH JOSHUA BELL. you know, that one that i would have killed someone to get on had i known who the appropriate person to murder might be? i could not believe it. i'm in the car with the band after the show, we're on the way to fat cat, and i keep saying "FUCK! FUCK! i wanted to go to that SO badly!" they were more impressed by an encounter with sting at the sony building earlier that day during a visit with their record label and pulled out their camera phones as proof.

anyhow, nobody at SOB's is even really salsa dancing with each other because the band is THAT good. the lead singer started dancing and gyrating his hips in a way that made me think someone was going to rip their clothes off and try to rape someone. and that that person might be me. the whole band is good looking and they dance while they play and the whole thing was good fun, so go see them if they perform at a space near you. there isn't really a better looking (and better moving) band to contemplate a wild orgy with. they all ooze sex.

as we leave, i see the drummer! he smiles, i smile back, and seconds later he's asking us to come out with them afterwards. we'd been heading to mcdonalds for food so told him we'd stop back over in a bit. at mcds we made fast friends with a group of guys coming from an intramural soccer game. they called us "princessas" and gave us their seats and then tried to give us food that didn't belong to them. this mcdonalds was all windows with just a counter and it felt very nighthawks meets modern day new york. they joked around with us without trying to hit on us and after 45 minutes, we all went our separate ways. back to the club, all the band guys are there waiting with their jackets on (something we hadn't  realized they'd do, otherwise we'd have maybe not dawdled so long at a mcdonalds express). my drummer ran up to us, and said we were headed to some jazz clubs. his name was armando. and he was young. i grabbed his ID to check and was relieved to see that, yes, he was old enough to drink! but he was only 23. born on the ides of march. i tried explaining what the ides were, but the language barrier made things a bit tough and i'm not sure how well versed he was in shakespeare or roman history. the language of love is universal, you know.

armando apparently comes from a family of drummers. his brother was also in town and had played at the blue note earlier that night. we hung at fat cat until i brought him home. (so bad! i know!) i'm not sure who trained him in how to have a one night stand, where he learned his tricks from, but i can't stop laughing about it as i play it over again in my head. over the course of the evening he told he he loved me (about a dozen times) and that we were going to get married and that he wanted me to meet his family and that he wanted to move in with me. into my apartment. the apartment that doesn't even have a living space because i've converted it from a two bedroom to a 3. however, he also told me how beautiful i was about once every five minutes which is certainly something i could get used to. he wanted to know all about my life and family and made me pull out my mac to show him all the pictures i had there. so he was either THAT passionate or a huge player with a strange emotional angle. regardless, he was adorable and sweet as can be which is as much as you can ask for in someone you're not sure you'll ever see again.

the gays are still in aspen but this will make a good story for brunch next week, at least. and maybe someday they'll play with joshua bell again at some super exclusive private concert and this time i'll know who to call...

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