Wednesday, August 26, 2009

party in the FIP, vegas

so the music video my gays made got tweeted by perez hilton, miley cyrus and then ashley olsen. molls tumblred it. and it has some 2000 comments and had been viewed 140K times last time i checked. absolutely crazy. they're getting interviewed by the advocate (a gay mag) and a screenshot of the video is going to be in the print version of friday's entertainment weekly. they may get featured on the today show on friday.
so we went and got wings on monday and all their phones were blowing up saying that the various media/pr people we know had been forwarding it to producers at various morning shows. tons of random people had tried to add them all on facebook. a few hundred people are now subscribed to david's yourtube channel. silly. and then we were fighting the paparazzi off like crazy over in hell's kitchen and we were like, "paparazzi, please, we just want to eat our wingys!" annoying!
david's had the video bug for a while now. there's a commercial for a scent called "black jasmine" that features both me and the disney princess. there may be shots of me wearing a paper napkin bow on my head because it might have been my birthday and those are thet kinds of things that people do on their birthdays. or something. but anyway, that one isn't coming out because it's not on david's youtube. yet.
and now he's insisting we all make a country lipsync video while we're upstate for labor day. i'm not good in front of a camera so i'm dreading this. and planning on ways to do more filming than mouthing. wish me luck.
still haven't decided where to eat in vegas but mario's assistant, a friend of mine, has graciously offered to set us up if we want to eat at one of his places. he's got a newish steak place out there called carnevino which she said she heard was great though she hasn't been. and i'm a girl who likes meat so maybe we'll end up there.
the gays and gals are taking me out friday. not sure where we're going. it's a surprise which, because i'm a virgo, i kind of hate. but i'm sure it'll be fun. i just hope it's not so much fun that i miss my 6am flight out of LGA on saturday. minor details.

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