Thursday, May 28, 2009

Links, jet setting, bible shopping

this made me feel like i was going to vomit. talk about terrifying. that is the moment of death. seriously. whoa.
this is amazing. i mean, bish is CRAAAAAZY.
so something about this year has given me such a travel bug. and also a good tan (the key west/LA/turks and caicos triad). so now all i keep thinking is, "what's next?! what's next?!"
my best friend kate wants me to come home. i love going home to her but it's, you know, not exotic. but at least it's cheap. tha'tll be a good trip for when i'm unemployed next. maybe late june. and then i've worked out a trip late july to drive from LA up to SF which i'm super psyched about. it'll be me, emily, and katie D the filmmaker. and on the way we'll be able to watch my friend alex finish her first half-marathon in napa. the timing is great. august/labor day will be upstate with the gang of gays. september and october are free but then november is KENYA. GAH. we still haven't picked a safari yet but colin knows this travel agent who will get us good deals. "she gets us the missionary discount!" "oh, ha! funny..." and he's like, "no, seriously, we have to pretend to be missionaries. bring a bible."
so that means i need to buy a bible. or something.
so alex's boyfriend works as a stage manager for a certain broadway show. he texts her, "the secret service are here. wonder who's coming tonight." so i ask al today, "who came to the show?" she says, "it's weird. nobody. they were just pre-checking it out or something. but i was told we should be free on saturday night for the show, that we'll want to go."
so that's that. i'm going to see a broadway show saturday and someone hella important will be there. crossing my fingers for an obama!!!

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