Friday, December 05, 2008

plans to stay in

first, i just walked by a homeless person on a cell phone. and not one of the crazy people like the one a friend saw, screaming into a pink plastic (fake) barbie phone, clearly having a conversation with jesus and discussing things from the bible. this was a full-on real samsung phone. newsflash dude, if you can afford minutes on a cell phone, you don't look that needy.

have been very congested lately. sat in the bathroom with my shower on it's hottest setting and steamed myself out. you do not want to know what i coughed up afterwards but suffice it to say i think i've kicked whatever fluish thing i was carrying around with me. i feel 100 times better now.

i had plans to stop at bliss, pick up some expensive moisturizer that was on sale and head home.

i hit a hitch when the girl who told me my coupon for 20% off was meant to say, "up to 20%off" (discounts being calculated at different levels depending on how much you spend). good thing i printed out the e-mail, which they kept, because they honored the discount even though they didn't want to.

they were having a bit of a party at the spa, free brownies and cookies and champagne in plastic flutes. and it was there i ran into abel. abel is an architect who i run into at various parties all over the city. an artistic person who seems to know everyone. without giving me much say in the matter i was being whisked to an art opening for this lady. lots of collages featuring angelina jolie which seemed to be making statements on materialism while also showcasing strength of women. then off to a party at ted baker. then another art opening on central park south.

it was all a bit blurry and everyone everywhere was very euro-chic. and i was rocking a juno-esque high school frumpy/boyish indie outfit. which is to say i looked (and was) completely out of place everywhere we went.

but it was interesting and that's just about as good as you can hope for on any given night of traipsing around, i suppose.

happy friday folks

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