Wednesday, December 03, 2008

in the know, new careers, crying, zappos!

so i have a fairly well-connected group of friends. and through those friends i go to a lot of events with lots of celebrities. lately the gossip coming from these things (think: secret minor heart attacks, calonic mishaps, hookers). all of which is great, GREAT blog fodder, much less info for which tabloids would be kissing my feet (i had news that broke on the front page of the financial times a full two weeks before it ended up there). BUT, since i'm friends with these people and since there's a very small circle of people who possess this information, i'd be a huge asshole if i went and leaked it somewhere.

what this means for you? i don't know. i'm just venting frustration here. also, thinking that any info tabloids DO have most likely didn't come from within anyone's trusted circle. i'm in a circle, we keep quiet.

at a dinner party over the weekend i was mentioning that i wanted to get out of this lawyering stuff. or at least attempt something new. my friend's boyfriend, a real estate leasing broker, says, "i'm swamped. if you're an attorney, you waive in and can get a license by filling out a 1 page form. do that, read a book on commercial real estate leases, and i'll teach you everything i know. i'll make you an associate broker and my general counsel." it's an offer that sounds too good to be true, and very well might be, but we've been discussing it all week. he knows that i know an awful lot of people. people with money (i'm the outsider, the cute girl who gets to hang around who has no money). and i have better than average social skills so he's convinced i'd be good at this stuff. time will tell, but my hedge fund friends are looking for a new office, might be nice of me to bring some business his way. and hey! maybe i can get back into selling some warhols to new clients. you know, two birds, one stone, etc.

leaving my apartment this morning i hit the 3rd floor landing and some half naked man opened the door and just started yelling, it seemed, at no one in particular. i glared at him because, hello! it's 7am! stop yelling! who the fuck are you talking to?! it was all in spanish but i did hear the word fuck and the word stupid. i get down to the front door and see a woman leaning against the wall just sobbing like crazy. i can't stand to watch people cry. i know how rarely i cry and how if i'm crying in public alone, something is really wrong. now, i know nothing about this person or her situation. maybe she cries like that every third day. but i still got a sick feeling in my stomach over it that lasted a good 15 minutes during my subway ride to work.

you guys, i want to give a big warm wet kiss to zappos. their shoes are a tad overpriced but the free shipping AND returns more than make up for whatever sale you might have gotten somewhere else. especially when you order a pair of boots, feel like you want them a half size larger and when you call to tell them so, they send off new boots to you that instant, don't charge you for them, overnight them for free, and ask you gently to please send the too-small boots back within the next few weeks. it's fucking amazing. other places would have charged you for the second pair and taken 4-6 weeks to refund you and process your return. so yeah, rock the fuck on zappos!

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OpenID peterdewolf said...

Damn you (and Zappos.)

I used "rock on" to end the post I have scheduled for tomorrow. Now I have to go change it.

12/03/2008 1:37 PM  

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