Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the weekend...a bit late.

i had options galore to leave the city this weekend and get myself sunned on a beach but i just wanted to stay in the city and do nothing.

and doing nothing turned out to be quite fabulous.

got a wax from a semi-gentle polish lady, met ted and justin for gossip and an early brunch while it monsooned outside. the rain stopped just long enough for us step into a nail salon for pedicures. monsoon resumed. by the time our toes were dry, the rain had stopped again (mother nature loved us on saturday). we spent the afternoon playing board games, drinking on ted's roof, ordering chinese, getting cravings for birthday cake (and no pot was in sight, i swear) and baking a cake while watching "about a boy."

sunday i woke up early to do laundry. found an abandoned, untouched nytimes magazine sitting on a table at starbucks. also found a city section and read my favorite little part, the FYI. (where people write in to say, "so why is the street sign at X and X corner in chelsea a good 10ft higher than all the rest?" and some researcher goes and finds out that there's a body shop around the corner and the tow trucks kept ripping the sign off the pole at the standard height. fun!) feist was playing, the sun was shining.

spent the afternoon at the frying pan drinking pitchers in the sun wearing my new marc jacobs panama hat and actually think that though i was trying to look cool, i may have carried it off. for once.

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