Wednesday, March 19, 2008

jerome armstrong at mydd

it started with an observation, "whoa, pretty critical assessment of obama, definitely written by a clintonite." and i check to see the author: jerome armstrong.

in the last couple months, it's been predictable as clockwork. every time there's a post trashing obama (or his support or supporters) while simultaneously masquerading as a "neutral third party observer" post, it's by armstrong. it's a game i play by myself now. "hm, weak reasoning - check, baseless attacks - check, using "myth" to describe obama's post-partisan goals - check, bitterness and condescension at obama's supporters calling them cultists - check! and last but not least, talking about how obama is totally headed down the drain - check. my money is on armstrong! lemme is!!! ding ding ding!!! i win!!!"

i'm over it. i wish he'd just endorse and act like a full-on supporter instead of playing this secret-stealth hand. it's transparent. he's losing whatever credibility that my respect for his site bestowed upon him.

and after this, i'm about to pull mydd from my subscription list. what a way to take an excellent speech and create something negative from it and focus on that. thanks for being petty mr. armstrong!

updated to link this. could he be any angrier and close-minded? "i want to win this election but i won't stop trashing obama. oh, and why don't i also hate on all other progressives for not hating on obama with me." hey jerome, maybe YOU are the one with the problem, buddy. you're such a goddamn concern troll. go back to your fox news, that's just about where you belong these days.

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