Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a return to normalcy?

i'm not good with change.

that's not completely true. i'm just not good with change that i don't completely control and dictate every facet of, which doesn't happen nearly enough for my liking.

so when gawker started hemorrhaging any writer that was worth a damn, i became, to say the least, disenchanted (even though i'm a big fan of pareene and he was the only reason i used to read wonkette).

but today all the ex-gawkerites floated back up to the surface (i wanted add a simile here but the only things i could think of were champagne bubbles, boiled edamame and dead bodies...none of which seemed to fit the occasion).

it all started with a gawker alumni report calling out choire sicha and emily gould.

in the comments to that post, we found doree shafrir and alex balk!!


unrelated news: my hair fits into a ponytail again. time for a haircut.

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