Tuesday, January 22, 2008

notes on a weekend

even though i don't know much about the giants (i'm a bears fan which means only that i have to root for the packers to lose at all times) it was pretty cool to see our local team pull one out again. it is impossible to have missed the excitement of the game, that huge ice cube...i mean football, sliding out of people's hands and the crazy scrambles that ensued. that kicker who, bless his heart, pulled one out when it mattered...well, at least he did the second time. and eli was so cute looking for his fiance in the stands after the game (he'd told her she wasn't allowed to sit in a box because they often lose when she sits there, so he forced her to deal with the elements for several hours).

i saw juno and LOVED it. but who didn't? her parents made that movie for me. they had all the best lines. and michael cera, who i love, had all of 10 lines. disappointing!

i saw 27 dresses. and i'd read the reviews but i was with alex who has an unnaturally high tolerance for unbearably bad movies. she's seen crossroads. enough said. so i expected the worst, not realizing that you aren't really wasting two hours if you get to look at james marsden's pretty face most the time. i enjoy him. but this movie also serves to remind me how damaging romantic comedies are to RL expectations. i also watched the notebook (again) on saturday with the gals.

those movies give you hope that guys like ryan gosling and james marden's characters might exist somewhere. those hot guys who aren't assholes, who are funny and endlessly romantic and SINGLE...until they meet the heroine, which, in a woman's head, is always herself. all i know is that if that guy exists he doesn't exist in new york city, the magnate city for all immature douchebags.

my beloved sufjan stevens is performing for a tibet house benefit and i've been contemplating blowing the $375 it would cost to buy a ticket to the concert and post-concert reception. is that insane? i think it is. am i insane? i think i might be.

on politics: i think hill and bill are playing quite dirty. it's not fun to see bill getting in there and being nasty when he used to be the guy that united people. i'd like to see obama rise above it, but as we've seen with the john kerry mess, that is not an option. it's all making me hope edwards starts pulling more support. it's all making me cranky.

also making me cranky? sore joints. i wasn't paying attention to the time yesterday so when i walked into what i thought was a pilates class, i found out it was an ab lab. that kicked my ass. but then, in a bout of madness i also stayed for pilates. and then i HAD to stay for my dance class where he brought out some "old school" stuff in the form of paula abdul. amazing!

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Blogger justanothersarah said...

I also loved Juno but wanted more of Michael Cera.

I may be joining you on the Obama bandwagon... I saw him at a rally this weekend in SC and I liked what I heard!


1/22/2008 12:36 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Ellen Page is from Nova Scotia!


1/22/2008 6:16 PM  
Blogger Cousin said...

Juno -- it's so weird hearing The Moldy Peaches on the radio. If "Who's Got the Crack" breaks through, there's hope for us all.

The Dems: hello pot, it's me kettle. The Clintons play rough, but Hillary is like the nerdy kid who gets blamed for everything versus the homecomming king who gets away with it by flashing a smile. I just wonder if Obama supporters lost their job in a situation like the Rezko quid pro quo if they'd be so forgiving.

1/23/2008 5:11 AM  

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