Friday, May 04, 2007

television review part 1: in which grey's anatomy jumps the shark

okay people. i'm a big fan of grey's. it's one of the three shows i watch religiously.

but last night...i'm thoroughly jumped the shark.

what happened to you grey's? you had me sobbing when meredith woke up from her near-death drowning. i love denny even more than i loved mark harmon's character on west wing. and i really loved mark harmon on west wing.

and last night, you conned me. you told me there was a fantabulous two hour episode. what i received was about 30 minutes of grey's in which all the characters were caricatures of themselves. alex being even nicer to amnesia girl, izzie being even more dramatic about all the george mess, meridith losing her second mother in as many episodes and mcdreamy pretty much leaving her (again). BLAH.

but what was worse was the 1.5 hours of the lame LAME show that was seemingly the audition for the neilson raters to see how your new spin-off is going to settle with the viewers. i know you were courting me with a show starring my dearest taye and hot hot tim daly. but not even those two magnificent men make up for the rest of the uninteresting characters you shoved down my throat for almost two full hours yesterday. the show was in sunny CA, in a "wellness center" that looked more like an ad agency. we had the awful actress that was addison's best friend. we had a psychologist who did nothing but cry about an ex all episode. we're supposed to believe another doctor who met a woman online who he lent his porche to (who subsequently stole it, obv)...because apparently doctors get to where they are by being total idiots.

no. with two hours of this bullshit you cheated me out of any watchable minute of your show, a usual highlight of my weekly viewing.

shame on you.

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Blogger omar said...

The only part I disagree with here is that I think Grey's already jumped the shark, with Meredith's near death experience. But last night's episode was a huge huge disappointment and a big waste of my time.

5/04/2007 1:10 PM  
Blogger Wags said...

heh.. good to know. I still have the show on my dvr because I was watching the Warriors basketball game. Maybe I'll just save myself the hour (fast forwarding through commercials and skipping the crap) and just delete it.

5/04/2007 6:12 PM  
Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...


I just watch Mark Harmon on NCIS, which is great.

5/04/2007 11:44 PM  

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