Tuesday, November 07, 2006

a note on election day...

as if you didn't already have enough of them, this is another reason to vote democratic today.

having taken some pointers from aristophanes, i rock this shirt every election day.

however, seeing the gay population rise one republican at a time, i think i need to start making them for the pages and male escorts too. that's when those GOPers will really start switching parties.

as a send off, a popular phrase from my hometown of chicago: vote early, vote often.

11 people who played with me:

Blogger cadiz12 said...

heh heh, nice shirt. :)

11/06/2006 11:30 PM  
Blogger Johnny Menace said...

really you wouuld fuck Nelson Eisman... Amy Klobuchar.. Al Sharpton.. and Helen Thomas.. ... come on.. have some standards..

11/07/2006 1:28 AM  
Blogger omar said...

Kind of off topic, but are you wearing any pants with that shirt?

11/07/2006 6:11 AM  
Blogger jazz said...

menace: learn to read. "i only sleep with democrats" does not equal "i sleep with all democrats"

omar: there are sweatpants hanging off my ass, you just can't see them ;)

11/07/2006 6:40 AM  
Blogger Peter DeWolf said...

Would that include Canadian Liberals?

11/07/2006 7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey now I want to vote Democrat... and I'm not even American.

11/07/2006 4:07 PM  
Blogger Demosthenes said...

What about the Bush sisters? Babes.

11/07/2006 6:22 PM  
Blogger marriedman said...

that's a problem

11/07/2006 11:32 PM  
Blogger the confessor said...

Interesting. Do you sleep with many democrats, or just women?

11/07/2006 11:39 PM  
Blogger jazz said...


11/08/2006 12:40 PM  
Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

You would totally sleep with me...


11/08/2006 6:03 PM  

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