Tuesday, October 31, 2006

non sequitors, again

look! ballot machines in florida won't let you vote for democratic candidates . shock.
speaking of...people, if you have problems with your ballot box, let the poll workers know, let the poll watchers know, call the office of the person you voted/tried to vote for and let them know. there are tons of attorneys and board of election people who need to know about this stuff. OR, if you're younger than the geriatrics volunteering and want to take the day off, managing a poll site, at least in new york, pays $300 a day, which may be more than you'd make otherwise.
date on friday was excellent. sake bar and then a solid hour of photohunt at a bar around the corner. sounds lame but it was so much fun...
bill showed up late last night, minimizing actual mingling that could be done with the man but he spoke for a long time and it was great. the food was amazing and i got drunk on bellinis. in all, a successful night. however, the adorable guy working on the campaign with me, i found out, is moving to south america for a year. curses! he was jewish anyhow. probably never stood a chance!
gray gardens was AMAZING. christine ebersole was ridiculous. the whole thing was genius i LOVED it. seriously. get/rent the documentary and then fly out here to see it. now! go go go!

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Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

$300 bucks a day to manage a polling place? Here it's done by volunteers for free.

Of course he we also had that whole "lost 750 ballots" thing, so maybe paying these people would provide an incentive for increased performance.

As for Bill:
So what did he talk about?
Did you get some FTF time with the guy?
Go with the Silver or Gold?

10/31/2006 11:16 AM  
Blogger Percy said...

diebold.. do a google on them...
it is amazing a company with such a overtly biased view of elections is allowed to put voting machines in most every state.. I had to vote absentee yesterday.. and yes I had to use a touch screen, diebold. there is no paper receipt. at least with an atm you get a receipt and know the $ is coming out of your account. with these touch screens you don't really know. you have to 'trust' the system. and what has the system done lately so that we trust it. one party rule of our country must come to an end.

11/01/2006 3:39 PM  

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