Saturday, October 10, 2009

robinson cano is my boyfriend

GO YANKEES. as omar would say: teixeira wants pie. 
if ONLY the mta would give announcements like this when the they know trains aren't coming. i've been left to stand, for forever, on several occasions.  
my mom sent this to me, which means everyone and their mother but me has seen this. but here it is anyhow...

need. seriously. otherwise, i saw the cutest dog on the train. a chihuahua poodle mix. totally adorable. they looked fake actually. 
work has been hectic this week. boss is in paris so his boss and that his boss have been e-mailing, asking for things that don't exist. i don't get paid enough to break that kind of bad news to people that senior. let me hang in my cube in peace!
boss also recently added me on facebook. so did al's mother. not. a. fan.
i've had a crazy amount of traffic lately from people wanting to know if robinson cano has a girlfriend. the answer is YES. and that girlfriend is ME. i've loved him since before he'd even proven himself to be a solid second baseman. yes, that means i loved him solely for his looks. he's a gorgeous man with AMAZING lips. but now everyone knows he's a really good player so it seems i've got me some competition. three words:  BACK OFF BITCHES.
also, lots of traffic from a couple of guys who do a lot of googling of themselves. what is UP tabber?! i've got a few swank parties coming up so i'll undoubtedly be running into you again soon. woo. hoo. and traffic from cheyenne jackson fans: stay tuned on that, he's got a pretty sweet gig lined up, or so i hear from a little birdie. 
i've finished my fall shopping. and by "finished" i mean, "it would be fiscally disasterous to spend any more money on boots and sweaters". fall clothes are the cutest. so many boots! and scarves! and layers! vests! shorts! tights! sweaterdresses! cashmere! LALALA! what is also fun? helping other people buy expensive things for themselves. colin recently, with my assistance, got a rag&bone cashmere coat. double-breasted but he can totally pull it off since he has narrow shoulders. was almost as satisfying as having bought it myself. except for that i still have that $1000 in the bank.
am itching like crazy to get away. we've booked a safari. i kind of wanted to stay in a victorian style tent, four-poster bed, etc. would have felt very colonial.

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Blogger omar said...

Go Yankees!

I also want pie.

10/11/2009 10:22 PM  

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