Friday, September 11, 2009

boqueria, weezer

so the weezer song we're all addicted to is "if you're wondering if i want you to (i want you to)". david has, i guess, tried to put the lake video up on youtube but it keeps getting pulled instantly because the music group that owns the weezers label or whatever has some scanning program? that removes things instantly if the sound matches their scan?  anyhow, he can't get it to stay up there so the masses may have to just do the other miley song, "someday" that we're also all obsessed with. catchy little fucker, indeed. the boys also made a PSA for when the "party in the fip" video hits 1 million views. it's awesome. short, sweet, funny. so go watch their video so that they can post it.
we went to boqueria last night and sat at a large table in the center of the small, slender dining room. right near the expo counter/kitchen which meant that i had an excellent view of seamus mullen who is just soooo beautiful. i might have stared some. (i totally stared some. or a lot. or, constantly. whatever.) and the food was great. did i mention how pretty seamus mullen is?
colin has all the dates set for more surgery and chemo so at least we know when/what is going on. even if what's going on sucks royally. his parents will be in for over a week so we're planning on how to help keep them entertained because it's not fun for anyone if they don't do anything but stare at colin for 10 days.
this weekend has turned manic. i think i'm booked every minute from 10am saturday through midnight sunday. big event at a fancy italian place on saturday with david. the VMAs are this weekend and i'm still debating on whether i'm going to the afterparty for that. 11pm on a school night is a bit late to just be arriving at a party BUT mark ronson will be there and we all know how i feel about mark ronson. though, at this point, i may be reaching stalker status. i might not mind that, really. again, i'm debating.

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