Friday, September 25, 2009

linkdump, a new video, vaccinations

this is great. why is it at and not on the shouts and murmurs page?!

david has this project/new video idea. it involves a borrowed soho loft, a borrowed range rover, many magnums of champagne, some bling, fur, and i'm apparently supposed to go to strawberry to get a bright colored bra to wear under a wifebeater and some huge hoop earrings. and was also instructed to bring my swimsuit because the loft has two hot tubs. and some of this will be recorded. sometimes it does not pay to ask questions. and the song? is one about LOVE sung/rapped by a child who i think is like 8 years old. (you can't see it but i am shaking my head, vigorously, at the thought of all this going down.)

i want this outfit.

going through my starred items in my reader (i.e. things i didn't have a chance to look at and then 4 months later rifle through) i found this crazy thing. i met that man when i went to paris for the very first time. he recognized us immediately as americans and sat with us for several hours, regaling us with stories of paris and the visitors to his famous bookstore/library hostel. now i'm thinking the only reason he talked to us was because he's kind of strange and pervy...

le fooding is this weekend. also, fall for dance, a couple brunches. my iphone battery has decided it doesn't want to work anymore. leaving it idle during the day, manually checking e-mail, and charging it all night = battery life of less than 10 hours. IDLE. it's still under warranty. i know a guy who works at the apple store, here's to hoping i can get upgraded to the newest version.

i got all my vaccinations for kenya: yellow fever, polio booster, tetanus, hep a and a flu shot for good measure. my arms are crazy sore today though. i also have typhoid and malaria pills and some cipro (wooo cipro!) in case i happened to get sick while there. we're booking our safari and mombassa hotel next week so i guess this trip is acutally happening...

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Blogger Syar said...

I can't believe you're going to Kenya! Exciting!

9/25/2009 10:50 AM  

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