Friday, May 08, 2009

neil gaiman, wildfox couture

i think i'm falling in love with neil gaiman through his tweets.
i know that sounds insane and/or pathetic. and certainly silly and dramatic and girly. but who cares!
for starters, he has good taste in friends. i'd love anyone who loves john hodgman.
secondly, his tweets are as his writing: careful, sentimental, funny, minimal (not in number, but in language), sensual, revealing.
thirdly, the man is gorgeous. i love his constantly rotating profile photos. and what i wouldn't give to run my fingers through that hair...
another thing that i'm in love with: this clothing brand that used to be called white horse but now is called wildfox couture. their shit is expensive. almost prohibitively so. and their shirts are so worn-in that most of them are already see-through. but i LOVE them. i want to do nothing but wear them everywhere i go. also, the shape is perfect and they make me look skinnier than i am and so they're great with jeans and heels to go out in for that "i don't care (even though i do)" look. i was gifted a couple round neck ones and due to the largess of the boobs, i'm not typically a fan of round necks. they make me look top-heavy. so i'll wear them but i look top-heavy yet skinny which is an okay thing. it could be worse. i also splurged on a pair of their sweatpants and OMG are they the most comfortable things ever made. i'm just really crushing on this brand. massively. and will keep looking for their shit on sale somewhere. and i visited the designers' blog and bitches are stunning and all skinny/blonde/probably tall and model-like. i'm trying not to die in a jealous rage at the moment. skinny winnies with an unlimited supply of wildfox stuff?!
emily's wedding is next week. i'm rooming with katie, the filmmaker. here's to hoping turks and caicos is worth the money i'm spending to be there. will throw some photos on the blog as i go, assuming the wireless is working...

2 people who played with me:

Blogger Jill said...

omg did you see the i love french boys tee on the wildfox site... have to have it (as cheesy as that may be)!!! thanks for introducing us to them!!

5/10/2009 6:05 AM  
Blogger Zoltrog said...

Wow, you subscribe to Neil Gaiman's tweets. Now I love you even more! haha

5/16/2009 2:23 AM  

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