Friday, July 25, 2008

ode to seamless

anyone who lives in Manhattan and selected areas of Brooklyn, Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia, and Greenwich, CT should be using seamless web.

what? you've never heard of it? neither had emily who works in fashion.

it's pretty much a law firm staple and the easiest way to order food online (it has the best selection of restaurants, by far).

if you're not a seamless user (signup is free) let me know so i can refer you which makes me $5. and is probably good karma for you. or something.

also, there may be discounts in the works, what say you seamless? pony up!

also, customer service is admittedly pretty fab. i got the most atrocious salad from some crap deli the other day and one call to their center had the total refunded. oh, and avoid ordering from brasserie 52. my first/last/only order from there was delivered over an hour late. my stomach was eating itself out by the time the cold food finally arrived.

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Blogger Michelle said...

That's one of the worst feelings - and then you start to feel sick with hunger, making the cold food even less apetising =(

Sounds like an awesome system nonetheless!

7/25/2008 5:44 PM  

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