Thursday, January 31, 2008

"aren't you cold?"

i once was a midwestern teen myself.

and i relate to this. because even 10 years ago, that was me. coats were ugly and unnecessary. and even if i sometimes was cold, i was never so cold i was in pain.

and then i look at myself now, layering 15 sweaters lest i feel even the slightest chill because now I HATE BEING COLD.

so did i grow up? my circulation slow down significantly?

i kind of feel like when you're in chicago, 15 degrees IS warm. "snow days" never involved snow. they involved temperatures so far below zero that more than two minutes exposure to the elements would produce frostbite.

15? 15 degrees was nothing!

and as i write this, i'm sniffling away trying to get a doctor's appt because i've developed an annoying cough that i KNOW will not go away without some antibiotics. ick. i hate being sick!

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