Friday, June 29, 2007

license to wed: a movie review

first thing's first: do not go see this movie. do not netflix it. i would even warn against watching it on cable even if there is nothing else on.

i saw a pre-screening last night. it IS that bad.

which is a shame because i love jim from the office and i adore mandy moore. but unfortunately, their chemistry was negligible. you see a montage of vignettes about them meeting which is supposed to illustrate their relationship until their engagement, where the plot begins. the problem with this is that you have zero faith in their relationship when the movie starts. you think, "wow, this is the dullest, least dimensional movie relationship i've ever seen!"

and then their priest puts them through "marriage counseling" of sorts to prepare them. this includes bugging their house and stalking them, giving them robot babies (creepiest things ever, about which i will have many nightmares), and putting them into several situations that, of course, force them to break up. but only so that 5 minutes later they can get married happier than ever.


the best part about the movie was mindy kaling who plays kelly on "the office." she was in the movie for 5 total minutes but i laughed for every one of them. other office cameos from angela and kevin.

almost as disconcerting as the robot babies was a child who acted as robin williams' mini me. a child priest in training. not a midget, just a funny looking child. which begs the question: who in their right mind would let their 9 year old stay late nights and go to jamaica with a priest these days? the whole thing was so far fetched and not even in a funny way.

my verdict? skip this one. it's a couple hours of your life you'll never get back.

the upside of the evening? it was part of a promotional tour hosted by so we also got free wine and amazing alize (seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it?) cocktails and decent canapes (goat cheese and tapenade on crostini, tempura shrimp with red pepper aioli, cranberry chicken salad on a curried wonton). yay for free booze and dinner.

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Blogger Neily said...

Anything with Robin Williams cant be THAT bad, can it?

6/29/2007 5:39 PM  
Blogger Glo said...

I'm always comforted to see Hollywood making such a concerted effort to show parts of life they don't understand (a.k.a. religiosity) in a positive and open-minded manner.

Oh. Wait.

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up!

6/30/2007 4:27 PM  
Blogger cadiz12 said...

wow. even though i go out of my way to support stuff with indian people in it (no matter how small the role), i will have to put this one in the "ignore pile" along with Van Wilder II. thanks, jaz.

6/30/2007 9:31 PM  

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