Friday, April 01, 2005

Motorcycle Diaries

so tonight was a pretty tame one. started at marquee (a place i absolutely despise) but there were girls in from london who wanted to go to the "hot spots" so i guess it was a required drive by. we went to NA afterwards, which i like so much better. this lesbian, maddie, who is always there on thursdays wanted to introduce me to "a famous rapper." i looked up and queen latifah was there. maddie didn't introduce me to queen latifah though, she introduced me to some guy i'd never seen, who told me 5 minutes later that he was a CPA (certified public accountant). i looked bored (i was bored). he says, "so, do you like motorcycles?" My answer, "yes." "well, we all have them. Latifah and i and the rest of the cousins and my brothers and sisters." "that's nice." "so when can i come pick you up?" "i'm not sure that you can. i'm a busy girl." but he grabbed my phone out of my back pocket (curses! should have kept the damn thing in my purse!) and dials his number. this is annoying because now he'll call. but it's also convenient b/c now i have his number and know to avoid it when it comes through.

post script: he called. i didn't answer. BUT, the Post's Page Six had a ditty about latifah being there and eating a lot of food. it's funny, because everyone was eating all this food on her table, but the Post makes her out to be this huge pig. also, they said David Wells was there too but i didn't see him. honestly, i couldn't have missed him. he might have left before i got there. damn!

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Blogger X said...

A somewhat aggressive courtship tactic if you ask me...

Don't worry about it, Jasmine. He'll call and ask you out, pick you up (on his motorcycle), take you to an upmarket restaurant, present you with flowers and kiss you goodnight at the end of the evening.

I'm kidding. Don't count on it.


4/01/2005 10:13 PM  
Blogger Former Intern Andy said...

Does this guy know about our upcoming wedding? :)

4/02/2005 2:02 AM  
Blogger The Bag Lady said...

Whatever happens if you DO decide to meet up with him, your date can't possibly go as badly as the one I just wrote about (shameless plug for my blog!)

Thanks for the link- had already seen the scathing blog criticism.

And btw, the cute bartender is in the NY bar!

4/04/2005 11:29 AM  
Blogger Lunatic said...

I have a motorcycle. Does that make you randy?

4/05/2005 8:36 PM  
Anonymous 'ka said...

don't pick up... don't pick up!!! :)

4/07/2005 9:55 PM  

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