Thursday, March 31, 2005

This is a public service announcement

I didn’t know it had gotten so bad until a few weeks ago when my computer crashed and I lost all my music. I couldn’t plug it into itunes and add music b/c it would sync and erase all the songs. At first I thought, “okay, I just won’t put any more music on it till I figure all this out. no big deal.” Or so I thought…the rest of my life started to feel like it was falling apart. I was moving in this downward spiral and was seriously getting depressed. Nothing was going right. I was scattered. I wasn’t sleeping well. I had no job, exams are coming up, mounting credit card bills (which, were growing exponentially b/c I shop when I’m depressed, it’s a sick cycle). So I go to the ipod website. I click on “Support.” I looked for a 24 hour emergency hotline. I looked for a clinic I could check myself into. Nothing. Absolutely no links for EMOTIONAL SUPPORT which is really what I needed. I needed someone from Apple to talk me off the ledge. But, my story has a happy ending. I found the anapod explorer and life has been restored to its normal, if not slightly dull, state. But I don’t want this happening to anyone else out there. This is a call for Apple to create an ipod 911 emergency number. A place where people can call when they’re on the brink. Or maybe even an “IAA” (ipod addicts anonymous) group, for those of us who see this relationship as extremely unhealthy and need some help weaning ourselves off the cute, reliable, entire-music-library-on-the-go device.

Don’t let this happen to you!

call your local congressperson and tell them to vote "yes" on the bill that i'm currently writing that will require Apple to provide its consumers with the emotional stability they require.

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Blogger Lunatic said...

What is with Ipods? Everbody has these friggin' things.

You could have called me. I'll talk you off of anything.

4/05/2005 8:33 PM  

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