Tuesday, March 09, 2010

mcqueen, del posto,

i've tried her baked goods. i don't recommend it

GOD are these soooooo soooooo beautiful. royal and wearable with gorgeous lines. i want all the jackets. i mean, it's sad. that this was it. his last. 

lunch at del posto again and they gave us even more amuse bouches this time! and i'm not sure other tables got them, we were watching. at least, i'm going to say they didn't so i can feel special. they also maybe knew my name when i walked in the front door but i SWEAR i haven't been there that often. i'm just THAT delightful. also, usually alone and kind of distinctive looking and really just nice which is probably the reason why anyone remembers me at all. oh, and because i go there and spend money. mark ladner was there, large and in charge. (he's so tall!) at lunch david and i discussed the finer points of being ladies of leisure and started planning a bright future wherein he inherits some family money and i marry rich and we run off together regularly on exotic vacations. then i took a look at his newest masterpiece, a lip dub to a lady gaga song by a gaggle of men. i started with the bastianich sauv blanc, the lobster, the duck (i have to stop ordering it but it is so good) and finished with the sfera. 

i'll link to this alex pareene bit on rush, but i'm not even going to click through myself because that's how much i hate truncated feeds. gawker doesn't deserve my click. fuck truncated feeds! seriously. nevermind! i'll link ezra instead. 

i thought i was good old unemployed this week but got picked up for something starting next tuesday. ughhhhh. so that leaves me only 3 days to take that damn CLE to keep the little thing known as NYS Bar admittance so i can keep putting the esq. after my name. (i'm kidding. i don't use the esq. EVER.) and see the dermatologist to tell me i don't have skin cancer and then maybe a celebratory tan (kidding!) (not really.) amongst a bevy of other crappy errands. 

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Blogger cadiz12 said...

who are you kidding, jazz? we all know you have and "esq." tattoo.

3/10/2010 3:36 AM  

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