Tuesday, March 09, 2010

baby isabella, crawfish postmortem, sunglasses

HOLY SHIT you guys! i forgot to tell you kate had the baby!! only 11
minutes of pushing, 3 hours of contractions and with an epidural, she
said the thing was actually not unpleasant. her parents almost missed
it because it happened so fast. little bella is breathing on her own
but she isn't old enough to know how to suck yet and isn't strong
enough, even if she knew how to suck, to be able to suck enough to
feed herself for a whole day. so she's in the NICU for a few weeks and
i'll go home and meet her when kate and ant bring her home from the
hospital. they'll need the extra hands and it'll be better to have
comfy time with her in a big plush couch with the dogs than seeing her
only in the hospital. so everyone is good and well! *huge sigh of

and just when i was going to take a week out from being social to
master cleanse, i get the news that my friend lien is coming in from
LA. she's BIG into food. so now, of course, i've got 2-3 meals a day
scheduled to make sure she gets all the good stuff done. terrible.
MUST CLEANSE. but not till sometime after the 20th i guess? argh.

if you're ever out and don't want to get drunk, do not make friends
with the sommelier. must have tried 20 wines and am paying the price
for it now...

the crawfish boil: i came, i saw, i conquered. some people showed up
and just ate. i didn't feel that was fair. also, my curiosity is
insatiable so i HAD to see how it was done. the longer i watched the
process, the less scary the buggers became. and by the last batch i
was easily plucking up the live ones by their tails (their pincers
hurt!) and tossing them in a colander for a final rinse. a lot of them
showed up dead and with puncture wounds which makes me think they
weren't packed properly. i did suck the heads of a couple (people are
pretty much in two camps with regards to that...either you do or you
don't) but there wasn't much in there. I think the sucking part is
just to gross out the people who choose not to. it's kind of a lot of
work for so little meat but it was an event and i'm kind of proud of
myself for making it through the whole thing, mud and all.

ran into david at brunch. my regular spot is in his neighborhood. we
also ran into jeffrey tascarella! his fiancee knew me as the random
girl who tweeted him at faustina which probably means they both think
i'm crazy. i'm just a girl who loves the internet and food. i
recommended the bloody mary and then let david convince me to spend an
ungodly amount of money on new sunglasses made my porsche? a gorgeous
pair of aviators with the perfect color (not too gold/yellowy) which
david assures me look expensive (david is the KING of sunglasses, it's
his hobby, buying them). that something looks nice is important when
you're spending a lot of money on it. that it not look like you bought
it at h&m. conversely, it's also important to only buy things at h&m
that look like they came from somwhere nicer. there is a method to
this, i swear. anyway, i bought them just in time

Am officially between projects which means I can sleep and do my taxes
and take some stuff to the cleaners and have shoes fixed at the
cobbler and drop by my Ortho and take a CLE and get a haircut and ALL
the other shit i haven't had time for. Phew!

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