Tuesday, July 06, 2010

labyrinth, amos, drowning in babies

labyrinth, by my request, was the monday night movie at cabrito. it's one of the first movies i remember being entranced by. (the other was west side story, which changed my life.) i used to try to toss kenny around and pretend he was toby and i was the goblin king. and we would sing and dance until we collapsed from exhaustion or until i dropped him and he'd cry and we'd both get in trouble. it makes me look at myself, my application to take the CFE (you guys, i'd be a bank examiner. grizz) and wonder where the hell i got lost, where all that creativity went. 

i've been listening to a crap load of amos lee lately which is maybe the source of my melancholy. on the perkier end, colin turned everyone on to florence and the machine and that song "dog days are over," which you'll hear every 5 minutes soon as it's the chosen song for all "eat pray love" commercials, is really freaking catchy. so is that new one by robyn, "i'm giving it my all but i'm not the girl you're taking home / i keep dancing on my own." i dig her girl power. 

the cuban drummer boy has been sending loads of text messages about a "surprise" so i google the band and see they've scheduled a new york visit. i have a new brooks brothers blazer sitting out that i feel compelled to hide in the event i decide i can trust that little klepto in my house again. 

i've resisted reading peter's steamy blog but on a slow day i clicked over. i'm not sure how many half-asian friends he has, but i kinda want that one to be about me even though i'm pretty sure he has a half-asian fetish and has a collection of them that spans continents. he's the most charming canadian i know, and canadians, as a people, are pretty damn charming. 

aj daulerio was editing jezebel for the day. i'm not the most regular reader over there but, again, a slow day. it was awesome. everything from a treatise on bringing back the hand job to this, which i squealed over. so much funny over there, consider me a fan even though i don't see myself adding deadspin to the reader. it's stuffed enough with things i don't have time to read. the commenters over at jezebel are by turns thoughtful and totally insufferable but they really like their .gifs and some of them are hilarious. click through, enjoy. 

this is one of those weeks that's fully booked before it starts. nothing too fancy, no evening gowns and probably not even a pair of heels. i'll take it. 

one of my best friends from law school is pregnant (like every other fucking woman in my life). she had her first child at 16 and still finished high school and put herself through college and got into a great law school and got married to a partner. i'm so happy for her that she gets to finally have that happy and stress-free pregnancy thing and not the, "holy fuck, i'm 16, what the fuck am i supposed to do" pregnancy thing which had to have been terrifying (not to mention the father was this dummy named lloyd which is pretty much the most deadbeat dad name ever). i'm fairly confident i'll pass the $1500 mark for money spent on babies in one year by the time december rolls around. 

on saturday after all the picklebacks we ended up at a lesbian bar listening to whitney's "dollar bill" which is STILL in my head. help!

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