Tuesday, September 30, 2008

egos, sondheim, investing

apologies in advance for such a link-heavy post.

so jewish boy genius? finally making that city office run. and no need to wonder where his big head comes from, stuff like this abounds. in my own defense, that nymag picture of him isn't at all flattering. he's better looking in person. and i swear that IRL he has some semblance of a neck.

went to a totally lovely cabaret at birdland.* the show was for a guy alex gemignani who is starring in the next sondheim show with michael cerveris, directed by john doyle. alex was great but he had this thing where he would sing a solitary line of a song and i'd gasp and look at bri and say, "oh i love this song!" and before the sentence was out of my mouth, he was onto another song. it was a jazz standard remix. which was fun, but left me totally unsatisfied. while talking to the sondheim crew, michael made the mistake of mentioning the bailout FAIL and i went off re:subprime mortgage backed securities. i'm sure i bored them both to death. you just can't get me started on national politics. i should put that on a tatoo on my forehead so that other people know what they're getting into before they even think about mentioning things that happen in D.C.

i'd actually met cerveris YEARS back at a pub on restaurant row with my roommate at the time. all i remember is having shot after shot of sambuca forced on me by tony, the leather-vested irishman who owned the bar. and instead of talking about theatre, which is the only reason i'm familiar with cerveris' work at all, he did nothing but talk about his band. and his adorable dog. which all goes to prove that all guys, deep down, just want to be rock stars.

so am i crazy if i'm thinking that now would be a great time to sink a few grand into the stock market? i don't have that much to blow but you have to look at some of these securities and KNOW they're undervalued. what say you? and safe bets? i worry about my grandparents who have most of their income in stocks. i know that no matter how diversified their portfolio, these asshole CDOs ended up everywhere. also, maybe this wouldn't be the worst time to try to convince them to vote democratic. it hasn't gone over so well in the past and since IL is going blue for my man BHO no matter what it might not be worth the cause. on the other hand, this shit going on right now is affecting them 100 times more than me, and not for the better. old people, no matter how vaguely racist they may be, should be voting for a republican these days.

i CANNOT wait for thursday's debate. biden is obviously in a tough position. has to seem masterful without looking like a bully. but really, this woman cannot speak in complete sentences. i'd kill for somebody, ANYBODY to say to her during these interviews: "i have no idea what you just said. i cannot understand what you're saying!" at least, at the very least, some of those middle americans are catching a whiff of how stupid this woman is. and even if she's not a total moron, she's just ridiculously ignorant of this game she's decided to play. she is really terribly in over her head and she doesn't seem to see it.

*unrelated to anything, the place in the woods at music camp where we'd all go to make out was called birdland...good times. also, yes, i totally went to music camp. shut it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

lentil soup, the happy cabby, fall for dance

atrios always starts these items, "meanwhile," and that couldn't ring more true than it does these days. hey, i know palin is a freaking mess. and that the economy is going to shit. but, meanwhile, we're still in a war and lots of people are still dying. i know it's not fun to think about and that there's no positive spin because no, we shoudn't even be in this war to begin with and no, the problems in iraq aren't going to be solved on our watch and no, we're not winning this war. we need to bring our people home.

friday night was a dinner party at my friend sam's where i tried to watch the debate. big mistake. having it on made people think it was okay to interject every 5 minutes with ignorant comments. do. not. want.

emily's friend christiano showed up. he's the one that she sells warhol's through. he's italian, sober, lanky, dreary and all he talks about is sex. and trying to have sex with emily (he's married. she's engaged) or trying to get me and emily to check into the ritz with him for an evening. at first, i found him funny. his act died hard. now he's just an annoying one-trick-pony. i was annoyed that mccain seemed to have done well in the debates. better, i thought, than obama. (i'm happy to see that post-debate polling has proven me wrong.) but tipsy, i told emily i was leaving. christiano said he was leaving too. not trusting him to behave himself i sent myself down the elevator without waiting for him and a cab was right there waiting. my driver? the happy cabby. the happy cabby made sure to announce himself, play music as loud as possible, and talk a lot about how he wanted everyone to be happy! was i happy?! i should be happy! we should dance! and he literally wouldn't be happy himself until he thought i was boogieing sufficiently in the back seat. "google me! i'm famous!" and sure enough, several happy cabby youtube clips pop up. though it was late and the music loud, at least it was all good late 80's early 90's stuff and i found myself digging it in spite of myself or my annoying evening. he made me fist bump, insisted i "blow it up." nice, if strange, ending to an evening.

i made lentil soup for lunch this week. it is a family recipe by way of kate's mom. it's one of the first foods i ever remember being infatuated with. i've known kate since i was 9 and it was probably shortly thereafter where i first had it. easier than pie, it has a standard base. some thyme, bay leaves, chicken stock, sauteed leeks and garlic, some smoked sausage, celery and topped of with fresh spinach. shiz is GOOD. men should want to marry me just to get the recipe for this soup. THAT's how good it is people.

last week was several fall for dance performances at the city center. i fucking love FFD. it's a series of dance concerts with 5 or so different companies a night and all the tickets are $10. how's that for accessability?! every year i fall in love with a new company/piece. this year Richard Siegal/The Bakery performance of "The New 45" totally rocked my world. danced by Ayman Harper and Mario Zambrano and set to recordings by Oscar Peterson and Clark Terry (you want weirdness? that post about seeing clark terry also has my writeup of last year's FFD...WEIRD!), Harry Belafonte and Benny Goodman. these boys moved and made you laugh. where there was bass, they moved to the plucks. their feet like fingers over the piano. expertly performed and really really funny, i just enjoyed this so so much. what i also loved were a group of make hula dancers from hawaii called The Gentlemen of Hälau Nä Kamalei. there was one guy in particular who they stupidly (or rather, quite smartly) put in the back row who had an 8 pack that i wanted to lick. he was beyond delicious. i found myself staring at him and salivating in a way that wasn't healthy. which is probably why he was put all the way back there. he's distracting. and yummy. so so yummy.

this week: the new yorker festival! my favorite time of year...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

graffiti and convivio

graffiti is a gem. it is a teeny place, jehangir mehta is your chef. and your server. and your sommelier. and your waiter. and your busboy. and the guy who washes dishes.

we went there are a group of 10 which, looking back, seems ridiculous. the place is itsy. like, 100 square feet. but somehow, we managed to squeeze in. along with another party of 6, and a couple two-tops. i won't say it wasn't cramped but if we were sardines, we sure were cozy.

jehangir suggested we just let him start sending things over and we were all game. we had the green mango paneer (for every dish, they'll announce what is the savory part, the sweet part and the part that gives the dish some kick), chili pork dumplings, little sliders, duck rolls, chili shrimp and pork buns. and because he knew we were coming for a birthday, he offered to make a birthday cake. it was likely the nicest, most accomodating thing that's ever been done for me at a restaurant.

so 3 hours and 14 bottles of cava later (yes, 14.) we stumbled out of a dinner quite contented.

last week N (a blogger/person so afraid of identification that when people write posts and use his anon blogger name he proceeds to flip the fuck out) and i went out to dinner to belatedly celebrate my birthday. we went to michael white's new place in tudor city called convivio. this place has had a few changes of hands. michael white used to be at fiamma. scott conant was at l'impero. he left to open scarpetta (which i also recently went to and would recommend though i thought it was over-priced but it's in the goddamn meatpacking district so you get what you get) so convivio is in the old l'impero space. got that? let me just say that i fucking hate the east side above 14th st. so if i was going to schlep myself all the way over there, it had better be good. and lo, it was.

$59 for four healthy-sized courses. we would have split all our courses to maximize the tasting effort but N had gotten strep throat. because he made out with a guy. and is, apparently, back in 8th grade because what kind of adults are still getting strep throat from kissing people?! so anywho we had a good bottle of zin which wasn't overly fruity and had a non-existant finish (oh, and was marked up more than i'd have liked), i started with the quail (seved on a skewer, boneless, with tomatoes and porcini mushrooms); got the fusilli next (neapolitan pork shoulder ragu and a cheese sauce made with caciocavallo), the lamb chops (with escarole and white beans) and for dessert, an affogatto (espresso over vanilla gelato). but at that price, dinner was a steal and i can't remember wanting to go straight back to a restaurant the way i was dying to go to this place for a second night in a row...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

a gem from rick hertzberg

love it.

This seems to be a case of incoherence of thought leading to incoherence of syntax. Pronouns wander in search of antecedents like Arctic explorers in a blinding snowstorm. Homophones confuse the transcriber. For example, one of the Governor's answers could as sensibly, or insensibly, be rendered as PALIN: Well, it certainly does, because our, our next-door neighbors are foreign countries. They're in the state that I am the executive of.

And they're… In the "Putin rears his head" answer, jagged shards of the hasty briefings lately stuffed into Palin's pretty head clang tinnily against one another. "We send those"—those? those what?—"out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this powerful nation, Russia." Those what? We send what? My hunch is that this alarming jumble must have something to do with the path that Russian intercontinental missiles would take on their way to the lower Forty-eight and/or the air-defense installations that NORAD maintains in the state Palin is executive of.

But who knows? The whole thing reads like something rendered from the Finnish by Google Translate. For a seventy-two-year-old cancer survivor to have placed this person directly behind himself in line for the Presidency was an act of almost incomprehensible cynicism and irresponsibility. It makes a cruel—what's the word?—mockery of his slogan. "Country First" indeed.

and from josh marshall: It's interesting to consider that once the election has ended and the excitement dies down, the most important result of this debate could turn out to be McCain's reviving the verb 'festoon' for a new generation of Americans.

in the end, i thought that mccain might have taken the debate. he was making sharper points whether or not he was telling the truth or was right, he sounded more sure. obama has this "always measured kinda vague" thing that just looks bad in debates but i'm happy to see that among pundits and public opinion, obama seems to have carried the night. i forget how many people thing obama is too young to know anything that they're shocked when he can have an intelligent discussion. hello! you think hed be here right now if he weren't a genius?! morons.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Sarah Palin…and let her fail with dignity

i would like to put the title of this post on a t-shirt. i may do it this weekend. rock on campbell brown.

i've been delinquent. rather, i've been ungodly busy. events or dinners every single night. some awesome dance concerts. SF, oh my god did i love san francisco!

there was zero, none, nada, zilch line at a starbucks in times square at exactly 7:55 yesterday morning. it was like christmas and a birthday wrapped up together with one huge-ass bow. i almost collapsed under the joy.

will do a full writeup of fantastic dinners i recently had (graffiti and convivio) later.

one of these is on its way to my house and i'm SO excited. that means zero more minutes of my life and very few dollars to ever be spent again at starbucks during the workweek.

had a few cocktail/open bar events. one of which actually had gin! praise the lord! usually these alcohol sponsors are scotch or vodka or something i don't drink. drawback was that having 5 gin drinks in 5 inch heels while in a space that encompasses three levels (hello stairs!) is a very dangerous/stupid thing to do. i barely came out of the party alive. the other was at gucci and was full of socialites and models. what that means, practically speaking, was that me and a few friends were the only ones in the entire fucking place touching the canapes. and lo, they were good. truffled grilled cheese, steak tartare, tuna sashimi, lobster summer rolls, goat cheese rolled in bresaola, pear tarts, mini chocolate tortes. it was endless. i've never before been so stuffed from bite-sized food.

re: palin, my head exploded. literally exploded trying to parse what palin was saying during her couric interview. i had to go to the ER. they had to give me a new skull and sew together my scalp. NOT pretty. here, you try.

COURIC: Have you ever been involved with any negotiations, for example, with the Russians?

PALIN: We have trade missions back and forth. We-- we do-- it's very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where-- where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is-- from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to-- to our state.

COURIC: Why isn't it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries? ... Instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?

PALIN: Ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up the economy– Oh, it's got to be about job creation too. So health care reform and reducing taxes and reining in spending has got to accompany tax reductions.

Monday, September 22, 2008


My baby brother in Houston just got his power back.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Go Yankees!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

on me neglecting this blog

so. yeah. sorry about that.

i have to write about my trip to SF. an amazing dinner at a place called graffiti. and i'm sure some other stuff i'm forgetting.

am loaded down with events this week, will have to write about those if they end up being anything more than uppity events full of boring rich people.

going to my very last game at yankee stadium friday. shame on omar for not getting out before they tear the damn thing down. shame even further if he did actually make it into nyc and didn't call me!

Friday, September 12, 2008

In San Fran

Found out Palin does not know what a preemptive strike is. HINT: it's
what it sounds like asshole. Go back to your flashcards. Also, have
you been living under a rock for 5 years? Or just too busy managing
relations with your neighbor, Russia.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

rock on bob hebert, crushing on wolfson, burn after reading

"Without the many great and noble deeds of liberals over the past six or seven decades, America would hardly be recognizable to today's young people. Liberals (including liberal Republicans, who have since been mostly drummed out of the party) ended legalized racial segregation and gender discrimination.


Liberals. Your food is safer because of them, and so are your children's clothing and toys. Your workplace is safer. Your ability (or that of your children or grandchildren) to go to college is manifestly easier.

It would take volumes to adequately cover the enhancements to the quality of American lives and the greatness of American society that have been wrought by people whose politics were unabashedly liberal. It is a track record that deserves to be celebrated, not ridiculed or scorned."

read the whole thing here.

is it wrong that i'm kind of crushing on howard wolfson? okay, stupid question. it IS wrong that i'm crushing on howard wolfson but i don't feel too terribly guilty about it. i disagree with him (a lot), but i think he's a smart/talented guy nonetheless. i like him most when he blogs about music because he gets all giddy like a teenager in love. and though i agree with brian williams that the sweater was terrible (and though i DIED when i saw the gawker updates by joshua david stein who commented to say he loved it and then got upset when williams mocked it), i thought he was cute in it. all of this may go back to a friend named andy who actually named this blog, who plays tenor sax and is an amazing jazz composer who looks an awful like wolfson. i have this thing where i have irrational crushes on guys who look like other guys i've liked. moving on!

saw burn after reading last night. kind of loved it. it was hilarious, like all coen brothers movies, not even for the dialogue but more for the twitches and quirks of the actors. they managed to make george clooney unattractive. same with brad pitt. their characters were so weird and dumb and tic-ridden that i found myself unable to imagine screwing either one. frances mcdormand was fantastic. and all the bit characters were great. whoever casted this one did a phenomenal job. it is a dark comedy. there is blood. the blood looks real and is a bit gross but it's not overwhelming though don't bring the kids! so yeah, morbid but hysterical. fairly dry (standard coen fare) and i'd recommend it.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

they think we're stupid

read a post from josh marshall, and atrios and summed up by daniel de groot here. excerpted below:

So the McCain campaign has been lying with near impunity.  Josh wonders:

The McCain campaign's ability to frame their message around a series of demonstrable lies is only possible because most of the press takes an agnostic position on whether his messages and ads are true or not. But if the press won't, don't we need to stop relying on the mainstream press to make that point?

Obama has started to address this, but he needs to go a step further.

"You can't just make stuff up," Obama says, perhaps optimistically. "The American people aren't stupid."

Atrios nails it:

the Obama campaign really has to make it a little stronger and make it clear that McCain and Palin are acting as if they think people are stupid.

I should have thought of this myself.  A couple years ago I saw Jon Stewart do stand up in Toronto, and one line in particular really stuck with me (from a great performance), quoting from memory:

"When I see President Bush get out there and stand in front of the media and they ask him something like "Mr President, how do you account for the lack of WMDs in Iraq?" and he responds (Bush voice) "See, people love freedom.  Freedom tastes like ice cream."

(audience laughter)

When I see him say things like that, I don't think he's stupid, I think he thinks we're stupid."

and that's exactly right. mccain picking palin was him saying, "hey, i'm going to double-down on the fact that most people can be persuaded to vote against their interests, and can be convinced to vote on some niche religious issues, regardless of whether they're losing their homes, their jobs, their healthcare, etc. i'm going to bet that women are so dumb, that they'll sacrifice their own rights, set their own progress back 40 years, just because i have a vagina on my ticket." and looking at the polling numbers so far this week, it looks like that bet paid off.

they think we're stupid. and for good reason. bush, mccain, palin...they lie again and again and they have no reason to believe that people will discover/believe/care about the truth because, for the most part, we haven't. there are STILL people who believe there were weapons of mass distruction in iraq. people who don't believe in global warming. people who believe everything they read in the papers, which brings us to the MSM.

mccain and palin, otherwise known as the liars, know they have the MSM in their camp as the MSM is generally a right-leaning group of people who'd like to stay in favor with those that favor them, i.e. it's in their best interest if the republicans keep control of the white house. they read, on air, verbatim, talking points from the mccain camp without regard to their veracity. and when, for once, they start asking the right questions, "hey, what DOES make palin qualified to be the president of the united states?" they get stonewalled, chastized by their mentors/republicans in office and trot away with their tails between their legs.

it's insane. and frustrating.

Monday, September 08, 2008

fashion shows, nyer festival

first: some bad polls out today. i typically hate polling, never think it's much good but at the end of the day, there's always a couple that get it close. you just never know which ones they'll be. however, whenever i start to think, "okay, gas prices/war/economy seem to have been the eureka subjects that republicans needed to wake up and realize that a democrat will do a better job of running this country." and the way obama led, i started to believe that we had a fairly good chance. then you get a religious zealot on the ticket and all the evangelicals go gaga and now all anybody cares about is getting a woman in office and how she's pro-choice. nobody cares that she's holed up in a basement looking over flashcards to try to remember who the leaders are of foreign countries. you know, like the ones obama and biden have met with and have relationships with? yeah, those. oh, and it seems she also doesn't know anything about the housing crisis either. GREAT. just fucking perfect.

the preen fashion show was just as you'd think it'd be. lots of stark whiteness. lots of press. even more socialites. (max drummy from chester french's wife was there. i happened into a front row seat. i can't tell how i got it so don't ask. and i sat mere feet away from leigh lezark of famed dj trio "the misshapes." the girl in the fuzzy coat and orange shoes did look just as stupid in person as she does in the dozen or so photos in which she appears.) good champagne passed out at the door softened the harshness of the judgmental crowd and also the sadness of having a crappy giftbag that held little more than a bottle of aveda shampoo. as for the clothes: tight little dresses, lots of cut-outs and sheer fabrics. some pretty cool billowy denim stuff. some ethereal pastel ruffles towards the end. mostly though, i thought about how i could see almost every models nipples as they walked by (either due to placement of said mesh or due to thinness of white fabric). also, their heels were busted. like, bruised, blistered, black disgustingness. reminds you that though their job looks fairly easy, they're doing a whole hell of a lot of walking. walking in shoes that are tearing up their feet. and yet walk, they must. i don't have real sympathy for them as i saw them all leaving with bags that contained the dresses they wore. nice that they got to keep their stuff, all of which was probably 5K and up.

got a cut/highlights done. my colorist is working on the marc jacobs show today. dying lots of eyebrows. fashion designers are silly.

now onto our "white people problem of the day": schedule for the new yorker festival is out and i'm conflicted. first, there is no "in conversation" with david remnick this year. it was always easy to pick the GO TO event when you just saw what his name was next to. this year he's doing only a friday town hall which i'll likely go to because it's an intersesting topic. saturday at 4pm you have discussions with 1.) elizabeth edwards, 2.) chuck hagel, 3.) liev schreiber/ethan hawke/kristen johnson on shakespeare and 4.) political humor with samantha bee/john oliver. all 4 of those i'd love to go to but they all knock each other out. the one left standing? probably political humor. mostly because i have a girl crush on samantha bee and also because i think john oliver is adorable. i once saw him standing on a corner waiting for someone in hell's kitchen. i had a major internal debate about whether i should accost him and tell him i loved him. or loved his work. or some combination thereof. on one hand, i'm a new yorker. new yorkers don't go up to famous people to talk to them. not even a d-list character on political news show on cable. new yorkers contine walking and pretend they saw nothing. on the other hand, he's cute and i'm a single not-so-bad-looking girl with not-so-small boobs. but in the end, the "new yorker" in me conquered the "single girl" in me so i walked on. 7:30 is a conversation with stephen colbert, who i adore, but i saw him at the 92nd St Y, and predict much of the conversation will overlap. sunday has murakami and rushdie in the same time slot. ugh.

headed to lovely san fran this weekend but i checked the weather and it's freezing there! like, 55-75 degrees. which, i admit, isn't freezing but it's totally, "bring a scarf and sweater and find your boots" weather. meh. although i do have an excellent fall wardrobe, my mind is just not in a place to start defining what fall fashion should be. people who don't care much will think that's a ridiculous statement. they'd be right.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Preen fashion show

Friday, September 05, 2008

what palin says v. the truth

find the full thing here. it's an exhaustive list, considering how short a period she's been in politics and how she's only been on the national stage for a blink of an eye. she's a natural liar. in other words, your average shitty republican.

jon stewart reminded me why i'm in love with him. watch here.

her speech was exactly what it needed to be, what republican speeches often are: mean, spiteful and speaking down to the lowest common denominator. assuming everyone you're talking to is a moron and lying without regret.

for someone who hasn't been around that long, she's awfully good at this game.

i also want to note, that i have a lot of republicans in my family and they're not all assholes. it's really the people who are the faces of the party. look at the peggy noonan live mic gaffe to prove my point. woman reports shit she doesn't even believe and people are supposed to trust her as a journalist. those at the top that are just the WORST. oh, and gay republicans. they really suck too. self-righteous twinks.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

palin in high school

is it just me, or is it completely absurd for a 44 year old to still be referencing things she did in high school?

i mean, i know she's inexperienced but is she SO inexperienced, was her wikipedia page SO whisper-thin, that it was necessary to mention her playing high school basketball?

raise your hand if you would put on your resume, right now, that you were president of the spanish club. or senior class president. or had a lead in a school play. anyone? i'm only 28 but it's embarrassing to think about having nothing else to discuss about myself besides something i did before i was legally allowed to drive. or smoke. or vote. or really, anything else.

oh, you know what you can do at 17? have pre-marital sex and have babies out of wedlock. totally forgot about that one. my fault.

this roger simon article is gold. rock on si.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

on palin

there's been some gold out there.

check out who the real VP will be

mark lisanti here.

a classic alex balk takedown of norm coleman: "The alternate title to this post was "Hey, Norm, suck my fucking wang, you hypocritical piece of shit, you should be ashamed of how bankrupt you are in your soul that you're even trying to trot this crap out there, you fucking moral pygmy," but that seemed a little strident."

total weirdness re: palin's water breaking and how she flew from texas to AK afterwards and delivered trig in AK. first, who flies at 8 months? second, who flies after their water breaks?! i'm not sure i'm quick to believe the the downs baby is actually her daughter's. trig was born 4.5 months ago. it is literally possible for her daughter to be almost 4 months pregnant AND to have given birth to trig. just sayin...

my head almost explodes every time i read palin's statement about her daughter's choice to keep the baby. hey, bitch, if it were up to you, she wouldn't even have a choice! and then you tout that decision as some kind of affirmation of your pro-lifeness rather than the appreciation that you even had an option. fuck you!

and i can't help but wonder what the result would be if one of the obama girls were 17 and pregnant. (i'll note that children who have a safe-sex education are far less likely to have unwanted pregnancies so the obama girls, daughters of democrats, are less likely to be young and knocked up in the first place.) but you know the GOPers would be ALL OVER this shit, talking about how because they're black, they can't raise children properly or some other such nonsense. republicans suck. they just do.

my thoughts? anyone who, in this day and age, doesn't believe in evolution OR global warming is a morons. anyone who thinks that abstinence-only education works is in denial. people who think that abstinence-only education works and who have daughters that are underaged, unmarried and pregnant, must be mentally handicapped. anyone who has done little more than mayor of a town the size of my high school is unqualified to serve as VP.

thus, i believe she's a moron in denial or flat out mentally handicapped and obv highly unqualified to take this position. not to mention the fact she is possibly already lying about something and maybe was part of a group that doesn't want to be part of the USA to begin with. and that doesn't even touch the fact that i know more about foreign policy than she does.

in all, a terrifying pick. but thank fucking god the MSM isn't letting mccain off the hook for this one. mccain proved with one swift move that MSM does have a limit to the amount of BS they'll peddle and that he certainly crossed it.

as much as a snake i think lieberman is, he's no fool. rumor has it that 85% of the qualified candidates for the job didn't get it because they were pro-choice. hey GOP, maybe it's time to re-organize your priorities when it comes to this issue.

people keep whispering eagleton and all i can say is i hope this plays out just as badly for mccain but i doubt it. GOPers, again and again, get free rides when it comes to their party's scandals. as a democrat, some would say i should be pleased with this pick. but  let's assume that mccain wins. his palin pick just really freaks me out. she's so unqualified and unknowledgable that having her lead one of the most important countries of the free world is downright dangerous. honestly, i'm terrified. she's energizing those scary religious right-wingers and they're donating in droves.

throw some money obama's way to make sure this sideshow duo doesn't make it anywhere near the white house.