Thursday, January 31, 2008

"aren't you cold?"

i once was a midwestern teen myself.

and i relate to this. because even 10 years ago, that was me. coats were ugly and unnecessary. and even if i sometimes was cold, i was never so cold i was in pain.

and then i look at myself now, layering 15 sweaters lest i feel even the slightest chill because now I HATE BEING COLD.

so did i grow up? my circulation slow down significantly?

i kind of feel like when you're in chicago, 15 degrees IS warm. "snow days" never involved snow. they involved temperatures so far below zero that more than two minutes exposure to the elements would produce frostbite.

15? 15 degrees was nothing!

and as i write this, i'm sniffling away trying to get a doctor's appt because i've developed an annoying cough that i KNOW will not go away without some antibiotics. ick. i hate being sick!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


lately, i've had my fingers in many pies.

i'm trying to produce a documentary (details later, once we find enough backing. our leads are great and meetings all coming up in the next few weeks). i'm trying to sell warhols (anybody want one? prices for prints start at 35K and canvases at 100K -- total bargains). i, obv, have my regular boring job. and now? now emily thinks i'm her pro bono wedding planner.

the wedding was going to be here. then they wanted it in finland. now it's cabo, supposedly. and this morning i get spreadsheets with pricing for bands/djs/etc, cakes, rehearsal dinners. and she tells me to go to work. "i trust your opinion, you're practical, just pick things" she says. "woman! i don't even want to have to plan my own wedding! if i ever get married it'll be at city hall and there will be one big ass dinner party. no dancing. no live music. no expensive dresses. i want no shower, no bachelorette. so common sense would say that if i absolutely wasn't into weddings enough to plan my own, that i wouldn't particularly want to plan someone else's." our conversation is as follows:

"okay, fine. i'll choose my own things mommy."
"so look online, find recommended cabo hotels and start e-mailing them so they can start giving you quotes"
"k, mommy"
"they'll all have their own event planners to help you."
"k, mommy"
"so stop emailing with these baja party people because a lot of hotels won't let you bring in your own planner"
"k, mommy"
"and anyway, you'd be paying a middle man you don't need."
"yea mutsi! mutsi is mommy in finnish. that's what i'm going to call you from now on"
"great." "i am totally laughing so hard right now i can't breathe"
"listen, i'm just not going to do this whole thing for you. i'll help you when you need it but get some direction."
"okay mutsi, tough love it will be."
"will you stop it with the mutsi!"
"now i am crying. you so funny"
"you're crazy."
"okay mutsi! god brian williams is hot, i would hit that"

basically, i'm trying to give her direction without letting her force me into picking everything. her fiance does, however, want to get a private jet to take as many people as possible there from nyc. that i can live with, i think.

Monday, January 28, 2008

ISO detox and party tricks

besides a facial saturday morning and a pancake breakfast sunday afternoon in new jersey, my weekend was open.

without meaning to, i filled every single other hour with drinking and eating crappy bar food.

it started innocently enough with a few margaritas with brian for dinner. then he gets a text from our friend colin: "come to tenjune, i have 5 bottles and only 6 people. you need to help me drink this." tenjune is a trendy trendy place where famous people go in the meatpacking district where famous people and annoying people hang out. ick ick ick. but, for some reason, we went anyhow.

i was still drunk when i woke up saturday morning, took a two hour hiatus from drinking and resumed with apres spa bloody marys, which turned into a guinness fest (ever since stormin told me it was low cal/low carb, it's all i drink) which lasted past midnight. interspersed throughout the day were burgers, fries, chicken fingers, spinach artichoke dip and soft pretzels with mustard.

then gigantic plates of chocolate chip pancakes smothered with whipped cream on sunday. i'm in severe need of a detox and even recounting all of it makes me feel sick to my stomach. i'm thinking i might liquid diet again right after the super bowl because i'm a hot mess right now.

so during brunch my friend reggie says to the group of 15 or so at the pancake house, "i've got a joke for you. a monkey and an elephant are in the shower together" "hey," a girl at the table says, "there are kids right behind you, watch what you say." "no! it's a clean joke, don't worry. so they're in the shower and the elephant says to the monkey, 'can you pass the soap?' and the monkey says, 'no soap radio!' " and reggie and my friend bryan just die laughing. and the rest of us stare at each other until i say, "i really don't get it."

bryan is one of my best friends from college. we've always had this way of "just getting" each other. in fact, we were card sharks. we'd play spades with other kids in our dorm and we'd kill because we can communicate just by looking at each other. so as i'm trying to make sense of this joke, he looks at me and it all falls in to place.

i start to chuckle and say, "oh my god, i'm such an idiot. i should have gotten that earlier." not because the joke makes sense. but because it doesn't. because for as long as i've known bryan, he's always made it a habit to fuck with people. i should have known from the beginning that the joke didn't make any sense. so i'm laughing at myself now. but everyone thinks i'm laughing at the joke and they're increasingly getting mad that they're not getting it. reggie's sitting there saying, "get it?! NO. SOAP. RADIO. the monkey? come on people!" and i'm crying i'm laughing so hard and people are losing it because for some reason they just AREN'T GETTING IT.

so if you ever want to piss a bunch of people off, this is a good way to do it. try it at home folks!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

another ana marie cox twitter...

"anamariecox: Bill bringing up J Jackson in response to a q about Obama may be the most repulsive thing he's ever done that doesn't involve a cigar."

Friday, January 25, 2008


an instant classic sent over from lacey.

a montessori child?

i was on the train and a cute little boy (no more than 5 years old) was examining a subway map with his mother.

he points to south brooklyn, bay ridge area and says, "is that southern brazil?"

man, when did five-year-olds get so stupid? like, i'm sure that when he gets to class and all the other 5 year olds are taking their "south american countries" quiz, that kid is soooooo screwed.

also, a very cute article in the times today: where the presidential contenders stand on the tuna issue.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ana marie cox on twitter

i think balk summed it up well:

"If you know Ana Marie Cox, you know that there's some barely-below-the-surface subconscious bullshit that she uses to try to get herself fired from every job she has, but, even for her, this is something above and beyond the call of psychosis. Which is to say that it's pretty fucking great."

my favorite twitter of the day:

anamariecox: Boca Raton, FL: McCain people say they've won the Louisana caucuses. I feel like I'm covering the Special Olympics.

well hello!

first check out brenda's website, which is classic.

and also let her welcome you to her home .

and then you MUST watch this parody, which is quoted with alarming regularity within my group of gays/gulls.

"i'd like to get down to my birth weight of five pounds, six ounces."


also, check out this video and forward it on if you're an obama supporter. i think it's fairly effective.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

good food, bad hangover

first: boo bill! booo hillary! and thank god john kerry isn't repeating his mistakes. now we just have to get obama to fight back harder when it comes to confronting the lies and hopefully this swiftboating will not stand.

second: still in shock about heath ledger. he wasn't like those crazy ass untalented fucked up bitches that parade around the gossip pages.

third: had a lovely dinner at craig's place yesterday. drank too much. started with wine, then the gin and tonics, then moving to a bar for beer and french fries. got home WAY too late. feeling massively hung over but at least my wallet is intact as we didn't pay for a single drink all night.

cannot wait to go home and sleep...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Heath Ledger found dead in his apartment...

whoa. no words...

notes on a weekend

even though i don't know much about the giants (i'm a bears fan which means only that i have to root for the packers to lose at all times) it was pretty cool to see our local team pull one out again. it is impossible to have missed the excitement of the game, that huge ice cube...i mean football, sliding out of people's hands and the crazy scrambles that ensued. that kicker who, bless his heart, pulled one out when it mattered...well, at least he did the second time. and eli was so cute looking for his fiance in the stands after the game (he'd told her she wasn't allowed to sit in a box because they often lose when she sits there, so he forced her to deal with the elements for several hours).

i saw juno and LOVED it. but who didn't? her parents made that movie for me. they had all the best lines. and michael cera, who i love, had all of 10 lines. disappointing!

i saw 27 dresses. and i'd read the reviews but i was with alex who has an unnaturally high tolerance for unbearably bad movies. she's seen crossroads. enough said. so i expected the worst, not realizing that you aren't really wasting two hours if you get to look at james marsden's pretty face most the time. i enjoy him. but this movie also serves to remind me how damaging romantic comedies are to RL expectations. i also watched the notebook (again) on saturday with the gals.

those movies give you hope that guys like ryan gosling and james marden's characters might exist somewhere. those hot guys who aren't assholes, who are funny and endlessly romantic and SINGLE...until they meet the heroine, which, in a woman's head, is always herself. all i know is that if that guy exists he doesn't exist in new york city, the magnate city for all immature douchebags.

my beloved sufjan stevens is performing for a tibet house benefit and i've been contemplating blowing the $375 it would cost to buy a ticket to the concert and post-concert reception. is that insane? i think it is. am i insane? i think i might be.

on politics: i think hill and bill are playing quite dirty. it's not fun to see bill getting in there and being nasty when he used to be the guy that united people. i'd like to see obama rise above it, but as we've seen with the john kerry mess, that is not an option. it's all making me hope edwards starts pulling more support. it's all making me cranky.

also making me cranky? sore joints. i wasn't paying attention to the time yesterday so when i walked into what i thought was a pilates class, i found out it was an ab lab. that kicked my ass. but then, in a bout of madness i also stayed for pilates. and then i HAD to stay for my dance class where he brought out some "old school" stuff in the form of paula abdul. amazing!

Friday, January 18, 2008

as if i didn't feel old enough already

my friend julie (late 20's) was hanging out with some younger (early 20's) guys at a bar over the weekend. (and no, she wasn't trying to pick them up, one guy in the group was a client of her friend and they'd all run into each other while out.)

she said that all night they made comments about how cool it was to be hanging out with "mature women" and kept calling them "cougars."

if i were there i probably would have chimed in with, "oh! you shouldn't, really shouldn't have. you think i don't feel old enough as it is?!"

and while we're on a related topic (in case these young guys do get a much older woman into bed), it's never a good idea to tell a woman before you sleep with her, "i think this is going to be the best sex i've ever had."

there are several reasons why this doesn't play off well. 1.) it makes the guy look like he doesn't know what he's doing 2.) it puts wholly unnecessary pressure on the woman to impress and likely 3.) makes the woman say, "oh god, i suppose he thinks i'm going to do all the work then? fuck no! and put as little effort into it as possible."

and just before i was ready to post this, i read this. i relate jc, i relate.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

colbert on hillary

"in my heart i've got this vague sense that she would turn the government into some sort of, you know, lesbian witch coven that would kidnap men and steal their semen and inseminate each other with turkey basters in order to raise an army of demon babies."

from last night's show with deborah tannen

i'm shocked at how funny he is sans writers. guy is a genius...

here kitty kitty

i pretty much hate cats. i don't go near them. i'll look at them and say things like, "hello cat." but that's about as much attention as they get from me.

but i don't hate kittens. only people with cold black hearts made out of yucky things could hate kittens.

so when i was doing laundry and saw a teeny little guy with teensy white paws stumbling underneath the carts, i had to go say hello. this kitten was small. so small, in fact, that he was likely not supposed to be away from his mother quite yet. and he didn't feel as if he weighed more than a pound.

so i cuddled with him a bit. got a few face licks in and as i was trying to put him down he started clinging to me and one of his wee nails gave me a wee scratch on the back of my hand.

when i got home i noticed huge red splotches on my cheek. and i had a gigantic welt on my hand.

i don't hate kittens, i just forgot that i'm allergic to them. doh!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

am i a horrible person if...

i cannot stop laughing at this...

why i'm crushy on david chang

check out his posts over at

he's obviously talented, if he has a huge ego he has enough tact to appear self-effacing (in public, at least), is very funny and extremely hard working.

but, he's a chef. and i kind of love chefs, but i these days prefer to like them from afar. they're just impossible to date. you never see them and even when you do, you never want them to cook for you, seeing as they do too much of it during the day as it is. for as good as you know they are with their hands, they can be clumsy in bed. and for as much as i like cooking, there's nothing that makes me feel more inadequate than cooking for someone who actually knows how to do it. (i will note that i make some awesome lentil soup. and braised lamb shanks are SO my thing.)

but we both really love pork. and, in the end, isn't that what really matters?

eater dropped the news today that he'll be leaving his places in capable hands while he pursues other ventures. he claims he'll still be in the kitchen, but i think the days are numbered on my secret fantasy of him sending out some comped hamachi and asking me out to dinner during a late night visit to ssam bar.

sigh. we'll always have pork.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a return to normalcy?

i'm not good with change.

that's not completely true. i'm just not good with change that i don't completely control and dictate every facet of, which doesn't happen nearly enough for my liking.

so when gawker started hemorrhaging any writer that was worth a damn, i became, to say the least, disenchanted (even though i'm a big fan of pareene and he was the only reason i used to read wonkette).

but today all the ex-gawkerites floated back up to the surface (i wanted add a simile here but the only things i could think of were champagne bubbles, boiled edamame and dead bodies...none of which seemed to fit the occasion).

it all started with a gawker alumni report calling out choire sicha and emily gould.

in the comments to that post, we found doree shafrir and alex balk!!


unrelated news: my hair fits into a ponytail again. time for a haircut.

Monday, January 14, 2008

WaHi mornings

i love the early weekend mornings in my neighborhood.

the drug dealers aren't up yet. the voices of the gospel choir waft out the windows of the church on the corner. the laundromat, sans the sounds of prize-winning bell-ringing from spanish game shows or overly-dramatic music from telenovelas, is warm and the rumbling of the dryers is strangely calming.

basking in the serenity of my morning, i sit down at mcdonalds with an orange juice and a sandwich, reading my new yorker. sun streaming through the windows, i close my eyes, and pretend for a moment that i'm at the beach.

"pssst! psssst!" i hear, coming from right behind me. my shoulders tense up. the hissing is followed by kissy noises. severely agitated, i refuse to turn around. "these are my quiet mornings without annoying people and you're ruining it with your catcalling!" i think to myself. "come on baby," the voice purrs. i concentrate on the pages in front of me. i hear him leaving his seat, and as he walks past me i hear him say, "good girl" to the baby that he has in his arms.

realizing that he was talking not to me but his child, my shoulders relaxed. feeling foolish but glad that i can still consider myself safe from sexual harassment during my early mornings in washington heights, i returned to the tranquility of my morning.

Friday, January 11, 2008

gone viral

i got this e-mail from my good friend jesse yesterday. (jesse is my mentor in all things political and one of the smartest people i know -- curse you montessori children!): " I know I'm not Brian Williams, but I have gone viral. Surely this will get me a blurb on your blog."

it started with jesse taking his son xavi to the zoo and recording something he found a bit disturbing. he e-mailed it to a woman at the chronicle who wrote an article about it.

since then:

nearly 10,000 hits on (I love the comments):

7th most watched video on (click on most watched tab)

KTRH radio story:


other tv stations picking it up:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

obama: "i'm sorry for messing up your game"

cousin left this GEM down in the comments where nobody can see it so i'm pulling it up.

read this to see how cool my man is...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

my life is now complete

yesterday was a very surreal day, the main reason for that follows below. my man obama, obv, lost last night. either the polling was way off to begin with (which is what i thought when i heard the numbers) or the crying bit worked a fair amount of magic. maureen dowd seems to think she did it on purpose. i don't. but i agree that her swiping directly at obama, her voice cracking and her gaze outward through her watery eyes...seemed to me a bit calculating.

when i walked in the door last night the drug dealer who hangs out in the hallway was mopping the floor. either he was cleaning up evidence or the bad ass dominican grandma on the 3rd floor told him it was about time he earn his keep.

remember how i said i met those crew guys who work for NBC while i was in new hampshire? and remember how i told them i adored brian williams?

my phone rings. a 212 number. i screen it. i walk to get some water, start to listen to message, someone stops me in the hall to ask where i got my "obama 08" shirt and i hear someone say "customer service" and stop listening to the rest of the message, thinking that it was someone from steve madden calling to apologize for screwing up really badly with a pair of shoes i got there a few months back.

back at my desk i replay the message:

"hey jasmine, this is brian williams." (?!) "one of our technicians passed along your business card to me and i wanted to let you know customer service is very important to us especially if, as was told to me, you are indeed a daily reader of my blog." (which, i am, but if he saw how many other blogs joined his in my reading list he might feel less special.) he goes on to talk about how he appreciates my support, that manchester is tiring and that he's headed to las vegas on a redeye that night.

part of me wishes i'd answered the phone. another part of me thinks i might have screamed. or fainted. seeing how freaked out i am by the message makes me think he falls into the "famous chefs" category of celebrities that make me nervous and not the "paul mccartney, george clooney" group of celebrities that i've met and couldn't care less about.

another part of me is pretty giddy i have the message now to save and listen to over and over again. and to play for friends who don't believe me. but, really, how nice is that? the man is covering presidential primaries and still took time to leave this little fan a message. amazing.

AND, i just stopped by his blog and i'm mentioned in a post! although he thinks i live in manchester. maybe that's what the crew guy had to tell him in order to convince brian that he should give me a shout out. AMAZING! i actually woke up this morning thinking it was a dream. thank god i have proof saved in my voice mail box!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

fashion sense

and a note to those of you saw this morning on my way to work:

just because it's 70 degrees in january does not give you an excuse to wear lime green linen skirts and peasant skirts with tank tops. no linen, under any circumstances should be worn in the northeast in january!

people cannot be trusted to dress themselves in the morning. seriously.

on tears and steinem

ed. note: due to the unexpected length of this post/diatribe, i expect no one to make it to the end. i won't be upset if you don't...

i take issue with gloria steinem's op-ed today. let me start out by agreeing with her broadest premise, that women have it tougher than black men. (and i acknowledge that many people would disagree with me here too, not sure there are many right answers where this is concerned, save for that there is discrimination everywhere).

she starts out saying a female version of barack obama would be DOA. and then blames that on the gender factor when, really, it's a solid combination of both. there are plenty of people who discriminate against minorities as are there plenty who discriminate against women. but you put any non-white woman in front of people and the cards are, unfortunately, stacked doubly against her.

she also claims that blacks were allowed to vote "a half-century" before women (1920, 19th Amendment), but having taken a few election law courses focusing on race, i'm shocked at her wanton disregard for our history. i'd like to send her a copy of the 1965 Voting Rights Act because it seems she's never heard of it. (and i could go on for days when it comes to voter disenfranchisement and ex-felon voting rights, all of which attempt to keep blacks from voting still. if anyone has record of maternity bans or somesuch aimed at women, feel free to send it over.)

i argue that clinton fosters some of the sexism that people think she's a victim of. i heard reports that clinton's camp was counting on women voters. why? why should i vote for someone just because she's a woman? i think she should be saying, "if you're only voting for me because i'm a woman, i don't want your vote."

i also take issue with her statement that women grow more radical with age. and this may be small-minded of me, but it's my experience that the older generations (both men and women) are resistant to change, old-fashioned and overly conservative. i think if you look at recent changes in our culture, and test them against the older folks, their views will be outdated. i'd like to see a poll of older folks and their views on gay rights. i think that will show how "in-tune" with societal norms are.

her last sentence kills me: "We have to be able to say: 'I'm supporting her because she'll be a great president and because she's a woman.' " it seems like she wants to have her cake and eat it too. "i don't want gender to matter, i hate that women are discriminated against...BUT i'm going to discriminate against everyone else and vote for her because she's a woman." maybe i'm reading it wrong and i'm being too scalia-like.

hillary isn't my favorite, we all know that. but, as a woman, i certainly understand that she's had a thousand extra hurdles to jump through to get to where she is today. (conversely, you could argue her gender and status as wife to bill is exactly what got her to where she is today, and on an easier path than some other women sans husbands that are former leaders of the free world, but i digress.)

she must appear tough so men will take her seriously. women see toughness and say she's cold and insensitive. then when she tears up and shows real emotion on a rare have people making it front page news. she, figuratively at least, just can't win.

judged by her clothes (nobody ever says she's in a suit, it's always a pantsuit, because people need to know whether or not she's wearing a skirt?), people talk about her cleavage, people think she's weak because she stayed with a cheating husband. this is a man's world. and she's fighting that, but the way she's portrayed/perceived is a clear sign that we women are not remotely on equal footing. and we women aren't helping! who the hell was the idiot who started this thing by asking hillary how she manages to "wake up and look so good everyday." yes, i think that if i had a chance to ask a possible future president any question it would be, "what moisturizer do you use?" or "how often do you highlight your hair?" yes, see how intelligent and substantial we women can be? for fucks sake people...

all this still doesn't mean i trust her instincts more than obama's. it doesn't mean i think she's better at uniting people than obama. i tend to agree with ari here. she's capable and she knows the game and she'd be a fine president, but sometimes you've gotta try something new. she has oodles of experience doing what people have been doing for decades and the things we need, she's never done. nor has anyone else for that matter. i think her argument that she's the only one who can do the job right and is ready, is a poor one, even if it's served with a side of salty tears.

i want to elect someone who loves this country so much it brings them to tears. but just as tears don't necessarily mean compassion, lack of tears does not mean that the other candidates care less about fixing the problems driving a stake through what used to be our inalienable rights.

as long as a democrat wins, i'll be okay. and back to steinem, i think many people would agree with me that we can't hand the nomination to someone who can't win and if there is more discrimination against women, it's certainly riskier to put her on the ballot. but there are the doubters, the many millions of them asking, "is america ready to elect a woman or a black man?" thank god for the middle-america whiteness of iowa proving we might be. it's a ridiculous question and i hate the people who say, "i have no problem with it, but i'm sure everyone else does." that kind of negativity is making me batty! "we love obama's ideas, but he'll never get elected." these defeatist doubters are trying to screw up this country's chance for change. boooooo naysayers. boo.

have a little hope. or place a bet on it so that you'll lose some money if you're wrong. there's nothing like forcing hope by putting some money on the line. i've seen kate's husband go crazy over teams he didn't give a crap about because he had a few hundred on their game.

whatever works...

Monday, January 07, 2008

brian, my love...

reading this makes me remember that the crew guys were trying to get me to stay in NH through tuesday because they were all going to be with brian the whole time. and it turns out they spent the day today with obama too, although i don't think they knew about that in advance or they surely would have mentioned it (and i surely would have stayed). they even offered me a ride back wednesday but we had that little problem of me having nowhere to stay. realistically i could have checked in with obama headquarters and they'd have found me a couch of some nice obama supporting family to crash on, but i also would have run out of clothes.

for the fashion-conscious, that's a near disaster. re-wearing outfits? fate worse than death.

i kid, but only slightly.

campaigning for obama

was tiring. but i did manage to make it to work by 9. some of the "organizers" of the trip were hot messes (save for a sweet, energetic girl that you'd have to be crazy to hate). i thought at first that it was just me who thought, "gee, maybe waiting till 8am to tell us that we're not meeting at 8am but at 9:15 isn't so respectful" but i'm not taking it personally since i someone walked up to us at one point saying, "they're a bit dickish, right? or is it just me?" also, they're likely reading this so i'll waste no more page space on them.

the campaigning itself was hectic, but then again, it always is. when we got there the field organizer said that upwards of 600 people had come into help that morning (many driving in from several hours away). they all had a lot of energy and things were relatively organized. emily was sick and probably shouldn't have come because the trip might have left her worse off than she was before we left, but keeping it in mind we did no canvassing (though i hear the people who did it, had a fantastic time). we did a fair amount of phone banking which consists of calling thousands of people to ask if they're going to be voting on tuesday, and if so, whether they'll be supporting obama. of the 15% who answer their phones (many people, expecting an onslaught, temporarily disconnect their phones entirely for the week), 90% of those will hang up on you before you're finished introducing yourself. that last 10% will be civil, if not clearly annoyed, and only a handful will be truly undecided and have the time/desire talk to you about it.

through the weekend different senior policy people, pulitzer prize winning authors, u.s. congressmen, stat governors would come in to rally the troops in the office. i ended up sitting at a table with the most adorable elderly couple. i heard the husband make a call and i heard him say, "pardon?" a few times before he broke out in russian. turns out he speaks several languages and spent many years in the army as a language specialist. the next day i was next to a big sassy woman who just howled every time someone was mean to her on the phone, she absolutely loved it. i did not relate. but every time you got a hold of someone who said, "i'm voting for your guy, good luck!" you pressed on, remembering what it was you were working for.

dinner and debate watching was saturday night but i was too tired to enjoy it. sunday morning we headed to an obama rally where he had more than half the place in tears. i've seen him speak several times and found myself welling up without even realizing it. the man is an oratorical god. he moves you when you least expect it.

sunday night before we left emily and i headed to a pub to pick up food before we hit the road. she met a ron paul supporter who was the doppelganger of her ex andrew. i met a few guys (not sleazy, more fatherly than anything) who did camera/lighting/tech work for nbc. once they found out about my unhealthy obsession with brian williams, they promised me that i could stop by 30 rock whenever i wanted and they'd introduce me. they also say he's funnier in person than he is on his blog, which i find very hard to believe. in all, totally interesting guys who've traveled the world with reporters, played golf with matt lauer and al roker, had been to iraq, and had all met almost every presidential candidate running within the last 20 years.

but now i'm back. and tired. and now we wait...

Friday, January 04, 2008

an introduction

i received this text from jewish boy genius last night: "that's quite a blog you've got there..."

so everyone wave hello to boy genius!

my response: "vote obama!" primarily to question the fact that he's been working on a presidential campaign in iowa all week and he's taking time to read my stupid blog. seriously?

his response: "yup...mixed emotions definitely...but i was a little hurt by the discovery this evening..."

my response: "why hurt? jewish boy genius not a flattering enough nickname?"

him: " 'in my arrogance'???...but anyway, i couldn't find the posting where the character was introduced, which i would be interested to read if it exists"

at which point i laughed out loud. it was extremely funny to me for two reasons: 1.) he once told me, with something resembling pride, "i am the most arrogant person i know." 2.) the whole message came off as, "i'm so hurt you said i was arrogant, you can't see it but i'm pouting. by the way, i'm sure there's a post where you talk about meeting me and how hot and wonderful you think i am, so why don't you dig that up and send me the link."

knowing he sounded a bit douchey he followed up with this text: "but also, cmon...give me a break."

so despite the fact that i've done little but talk about how impressive he is, he feels the need to feign offense. cry. me. a. river.

i didn't ask how he found it. most my friends know about it but 99% of them don't read it and forget it exists. they find that they're too busy hanging out with me to then waste their time reading about hanging out with me. also, it's boring.

just a day after i e-mail jeff, breaking the news to him i'm not behind his woman, i also note that, "but hey, there's this guy i know (some dude i used to sleep with, i think i mentioned him to you a while back) who is in iowa helping you guys and he's brilliant and really experienced and you're so lucky to have him there, blah, blah." then hillary comes in third in iowa and not more than 30 minutes after her speech i get a text from a guy in iowa who should have better things to do.

or it's the douchebags with whome i went to new hampshire. i think i e-mailed them from my blog address to pay for the bus out...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

caucus day

so all eyes are on iowa, however, i'm not sure what kind of influence it'll have this year since, i assume, they'll all end up pretty close to each other. nobody is going to get blown away and the press is still going to focus on all three front runners, at least until new hampshire's results come out.

i am going to new hampshire this weekend and emily is coming with! she's not all that politically oriented but she said, "this election is important and i feel like i should help." i'm a little worried because this trip will be the furthest thing from glamorous and she is quite a glamor girl. i feel guilty for being the reason that she'll be resting her head in a motel rather than the four-star accommodations she's used to. but she is one of the most open-minded people i know and i hope she'll have a good time, even around us political geeks.

jewish boy genius is not caucusing for hillary, he just flew out to iowa to volunteer for hillary. so he's not a cheater, just a guy with too much money and time on his hands. i'm not sure one is better than the other.

my friend jeff has a decently high-ranking spot on hillary's campaign staff and yesterday he asked me, point-blank, who i was voting for and i didn't want to lie. so i had to tell him the truth (although, if we talked more or if he ever stopped by the blog he'd know already). i asked whether we were still friends and he said "no" and i'm still not sure whether he was serious or not. i'm kind of afraid that he was. although, it sucks to stop being friends with someone because their views skew slightly from your own. in a city council race or something more insignificant i'd absolutely vote for a candidate if i had a friend working for them. but as they say about drastic times, etc., i have to follow my gut. although he's not perfect, i believe in obama's instincts and his foresight. i believe his heart and his passion is in the right place.

i had a whole post written about christmas and totally forgot to post it. maybe i'll save it and stick it up in june/july just for kicks.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new years/times square in pictures

the view of times square. nuts.

where's the ball? oh, that tiny thing up there? seriously? it's so tiny i'm having a mona lisa moment (anyone who has ever seen the mona lisa up close will understand this).

oooh! what's that over there?

cute cops! i love men in uniform!

and, of course, the only civilized thing to do when you're trying to seduce a policeman on an adjacent rooftop? flash him. (or take of your shirt entirely.)

the paper we shredded (old scripts from a talent agency) to toss down below after the ball drops.

five! four! three! two! one!

lots of confetti!

the ball. some fireworks. for those who can't find it, the ball is that tiny blue thing on the poll.


the street down below after everyone had left. messy!