Saturday, November 26, 2005

falling lady

i found this a while ago. it's kinda creepy. i'll let her tumble along until i get her settled into a comfortable position. it's harder than it sounds. she always looks contorted. i guess i just feel better about leaving her once she's in a "restful" position. i'm weird. you don't have to tell me....

have fun!

also...people have been e-mailing me about my hair color in my last HNT photo. my stylist is a GENIUS! if you need some excellent highlights and want his info, drop me a line.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

gobble gobble

this made me laugh. thought i'd pass it on...
this is an updated link. hopefully it'll work!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

blah work blah diddy blah

i'm officially on vacation. just got into chicago. home sweet home!

work keeps me busy. busy reading all the books that i own that i've never gotten around to reading. i'm on a non-fiction kick.

i was hired to do document review. i sift through documents online looking for anything that might be privileged. documents come to us from some mythical place after being reviewed by other people for other causes for tons of different plaintiff's lawyers. lately, we've run out of documents by 10:30 and won't see any again before we leave. that means i get paid roughly $120 to read the NY Times cover to cover every day. another $60 to go through the daily news, the post, and times crossswords with a few other people. i get paid $27 to listen to ellen everyday (my radio also lets me listen to the basic television stations). listening to television is weird. ellen had a green screen on her show last week and half the jokes focused on whatever it was that was being played on the screen, so needless to say, i was a bit lost.

daily banter is of the water cooler variety. fantasy football, paris hilton returning to the boy store one shipping heir for another (this time, one with a different name, thank god), the variety of chef's knives available at williams-sonoma and other pressing matters of the day.

re: boys...nothing exciting on that front. there are some decently good looking guys there but i have a strict policy to not "shit where i eat" and never have a problem standing by it. i will say, however, that the big boss man over there is kinda dopey, but decent looking and youngish (i'd say 34) and SANS wedding ring (though i've not yet investigated g/f status). most people are intimidated by him, law office bullshit hierarchy and whatnot, but i'm not a slave to that (at least not yet). we've been doing some light bonding over our love for david sedaris and common chicago roots. for the meantime, i'm entertained by his cuteness but don't try too hard. i have crosswords to do. a girl's gotta have priorities!

so relieved about the bar exam. i literally didn't sleep the night before and thought i might throw up as i was logging into the system. i read the "congratulations phrase about 5 times. logged out, logged back in and read it another 3 times before i felt safe to call anyone to talk about it. i didn't start hearing from law school people until early evening as we were all afraid to call in case one of us hadn't made it through. now all i have to do is get through the absolutely ridiculous hoop-jumping process known as the "bar admission application" before you can all refer to me as strange places, Esq.

Thursday, November 17, 2005



"The State Board of Law Examiners congratulates you on passing the New York State bar examination held on July 26-27, 2005."


okay, back to the HNT below y'all!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

just some randomness

for those familiar with my 100 things list, you'll remember that i said i didn't like olives (and bananas, salmon, and barbecue sauce). well, i have an announcement to make...i am now an olive liker (won't go so far as to use the love word yet). i went to this tapas bar and they had these little green pitted olives and i could not stop eating them. *standing at the podium to announce to the world* give me a little olive with a pit any day! seriously folks, this is monumental. i still HATE those ubiquitous green and black olives. already, i'm an olive snob. go figure.

we finally have a working stove! we just told the landlord we were not paying rent till he got someone up here to deal with this shit and the next day someone had come and chopped our ceiling down and put in new, non-gas-leaking pipes. landlord also promised to send a maid in here to clean up ALL the mess they've made. hooray for threats!

justy and i discovered the coziest bar ever. we stopped there on a crisp night, had amazing martinis and chatted by the fireplace about life and love while lounging in comfy couches. i think i could go and sit there every night and die a happy woman. and while i'm on the subject of new finds, also found a fab Fab FAB brunch place. it was trendy (minimal decor and clean) yet really warm and cozy at the same time. filled with communal tables, the owner walking around chatting with everyone and then walking over to the open kitchen to finish cooking your eggs. amazing coffee, excellent food. i plan on going back again, and again, and again.

i went and paid for a pedicure today (thus taking it off my list of moola saving activities) because, well, i'm making fat cash and i can.

i had been craving some White Lines by grandmaster flash. instead of putting it into my "on the go" list (for people w/o ipods who don't know what i'm talking, society called, it says it misses you), i played it from my song list. these songs followed:
Whiter Shade of Pale (procul harum)
Who Needs Shelter (jason mraz)
Who Needs Sleep (barenaked ladies)
Who Will Save Your Soul (jewel)
Why Can't we be Friends (reel big fish)
Why Didn't You Call Me (macy gray)
Why Don't You Get a Job (offspring)
Why Georga (john mayer)
Why Was I Born? (ella fitzgerald)
Wild Horses (rolling stones)
Wild Thing (jimi hendrix)
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (carole king)
Winter Time (steve miller band)
it was very un-virgo of me to not control and plan my playlist and to let it keep going like that, playing through the alphabet, not mapping it all out...but i have to say, it was awesome. maybe tomorrow i'll do some G's. i'm not ready for the "random" feature. i still want to see what songs are next. baby steps people, baby steps.

will post ALL about work when i have the time to collect my thoughts. in short though, it's easy and fun and i actually feel really guilty taking all that money (and billing overtime) for a job that a monkey, especially this one, could do. that monkey has even done commercials. talented SOB.

it has been absolutely beautiful in new york. there is nothing like autumn here, seriously. new yorkers, you better be basking in it while it lasts...

Friday, November 11, 2005

penny pinching

how jasmine saves money:

moves to a cheap cheap apt.

complains a lot to landlord re: unfinished apt. to no avail. looks up a few cases and sends them over to him. bingo!

makes own lattes.

buys a monthly metrocard and takes the subway, a lot, thereby making each subway ticket cost nearly $.50 instead of $2.00 AND i take the subway home always, even late at night.

having people over for dinner and having people bring food instead of going out.

switching to a 0% apr credit card with 0% interest on balance transfers (thank god for excellent credit).

give myself pedicures.

trips to trader joes to buy things cheap in in bulk.

being nicer to more guys at bars and getting more drinks bought for me AND taking advantage of manhattan hook ups...

finally starting to use my frequent flyer miles for trips.

and the biggest reason i have extra cash lying around lately? i got some excellent temp work. i'm doing document review (translated: really boring) for stuff protected by the attorney-privilege. it's a big firm, a big case (one you've read about in the papers) and i can have the job for as long as i want. and all for $28/hr plus time and a half for overtime. don't ya just love temp work? will post more about it all later but it WILL bore you to death so i'll keep it at a minimum...

Monday, November 07, 2005

i heart chefs

a while back jamie oliver was cooking at the restaurant where i worked. he had flown in a staff to work with him. among them was J, an irish boy (seriously, he was so young i didn't want to even ask how old he was so i don't quite know the extent of it) with red hair and freckles who was a good friend of jamie's and a pastry chef. J and i chatted during the evening. i helped him settle his nerves when he thought his tortes might not be finished by the time the dessert courses needed to be out. i met them all out at a club down the street afterwards and we made out like high schoolers (actually, it probably felt that way because he quite possibly could have been a high schooler) but it was sweet anyways. he works at some uber fancy restaurant somewhere in CA but he texts (ugh. texts from boys...ugh...) me randomly every couple months.

last month he texted to say he was going to be in NYC and that he hates going out to eat alone and would i like to join him? being the jamie oliver fanatic that i am (he's back here to work with jamie again and i can pray i'll get to hang with them) and also a big fan of free food, of course i told him i'd love to.

he got here tonight and i got these texts (broken into pieces because verizon texts have a max letter limit):
i am staying with a friend of a friend in queens for a few nights which is good but he is painting the house and the smell is really strong so i must get some
i had to laugh out loud at this one. i knew there was another text coming, but it sounded so funny just left alone like that. like, "i need to get out of house, wanna fuck?"
accommodation tomorrow or wed. i will be working thur and fri but have dinner reservations on sat and sun.

so up front, he's obviously hinting a stay at my place. this will not happen. i've met him once and he didn't get past first base. he's crazy for thinking he's coming back to mine. but the real question is...what are the chances that dinner hinges on me getting this kid a bed to sleep on? i know he'll be hooked up with some totally fat (phat?) restaurants as he's pals with jamie and mario (batali). will need to do some crafty maneuvering here.

any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

back dorm boys

a lot of you may have seen this already but if not, click here. it's hilarious.

am still recovering from a very very drunken halloween. will post about it when i get pictures. my friend wants me to post ones of her pole dancing. she has legs a mile long and isn't afraid to flaunt them. will get to it over the weekend hopefully.

also, new york is a totally amazing city to be in on halloween. so many creative people. my favorites were a troupe of 10 people riding down the streets on bikes as Elliot in E.T. they had red hoodies on, milk crates tied to the front of their bikes and E.T. masks/dolls under blankets sitting in the crate. it was amazing.